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Account Management

Gooten's team of account managers help our biggest partners with their biggest challenges.

It's people that make Gooten a true partnership.

At Gooten, our most popular feature isn’t a product we offer, a policy we support, or a feature of our technology. It’s our people — and specifically, the hard-working account managers who advocate, advise, and innovate on behalf of their clients every day. As part of our commitment to our partners, we also introduced VIM, the first loyalty program in the on-demand industry, to provide your business with even better service.

Meet the Gooten Partnership Team

Maddy Alcala

"I've worked with hundreds of merchants in my time with Gooten, from store owners just getting started with new businesses, to large enterprises requiring complex technical integrations with our API. I handle our strategic partnerships directly, and oversee the account management team."

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Zach Ahern

"What differentiates Gooten from any other company I've worked for is without a doubt the people. We have incredibly talented and intelligent team members all working together to create the best possible experience for our partners. As the Head of Partner Growth, I handle our strategic partnerships and oversee the growth partnership management team."

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Stefan Bognar

"I’ve been working in the print-on-demand industry for quite some time, and I enjoy sharing all the inside tips and tricks that can help our partners expand and grow their business to their full potential! My hobbies include artsy night-time photography, and making dad jokes. I also have a silly dog (often mistaken for a sheep) you might be able to hear in the background when you're on a call with me."

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Phil Pinto

"I love problem solving, and a great story, too. Tell me about your business, and I can help make sure you’re getting the most out of Gooten! In my free time I like watching Barcelona play, eating my way through any city, and skiing. Let me know how I can help you get the most out of our platform, and I’m excited to grow our partnership."

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Kevin McDowell

“A successful Partnership Manager is someone who is an extension of their client’s team. I pride myself on providing an open form of communication with my partners; their priorities are my priorities. My goal is to ensure partners are able to seamlessly scale their business through Gooten as their online presence continues to grow in the world of e-commerce. I look forward to helping you!”

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Katarina Janic

"As Gooten's Business Development Representative, I'll be your first point of contact once you sign up with us. I am always happy to learn more about your business, the ways we can support it and help it expand. It's always exciting to see how much our Partnership Team contributed to a store's growth and success!"

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Chris Hohnke

"Like every connection, there needs to be a ‘first contact.' It’ll be my goal to make sure each one of your needs is met, from the very first conversation. I will be your guide to discovering what Gooten is and how a Partnership can benefit your company. A favorite hobby of mine is to travel and to try new things. Through all of my experiences, I have found human connection to be the most important element and here at Gooten, I have found just that. Are you ready for the journey?"

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Services & Benefits

So what are the benefits of a dedicated, success-focused account manager? If you ask long-time Gooten partners, they'll cite a few key ones they more and more as they their businesses grow.

Onboarding & Migration

Larger stores moving to Gooten often have a lot of products, or want to move things over in stages. Our account team can help you go from trying out the service, to moving over major lines of business, on your schedule.

Problem Resolution

If your customers aren't getting the results you expect, your Gooten account manager will be the first person on the phone with the people making your products to find out exactly what's wrong, and how it's going to get better.

Industry Expertise

Our account managers work with more on-demand e-commerce than you can imagine. They've seen everything, and they're happy to lend their experience when you've have a question about testing new products, planning for the holidays, or setting expectations with customers.


Access to a Partnership Manager is one of the exclusive benefits of VIM. As a member of VIM, Partners also gain access to exclusive content, dedicated service paths, personalized business insights, and much more. With personalized consultations and industry trend reports, you’ll find the time you need to stay focused on your growth.