Product Management

From your reliable best sellers, to your next great idea, Gooten makes it easy to get the right products in the right places.

Unlimited stores, infinite SKUs.

Connect multiple stores from Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, or the Gooten API, and give each one its own dedicated product library.

Supported Integrations

Build products quickly & easily.

Create your own versions of hundreds of different products. Push any combination of sizes, colors, and options to one or more of your stores, or leave your ideas in Storage for later.

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Product-specific options and tools.

Gooten offers a variety of popular customizations for select products, from sleeve printing, to custom neck labels, to branded packing slips.

How to create custom neck labels

Simplified product management.

Manage your unique descriptions, categories, tags, SKUs, and mockups for everywhere you sell a product. No more logging in to multiple systems. Instantly unpublish, pause fulfillment, or even order samples.

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