Gooten brings efficiency and simplicity to one of the biggest headaches in e-commerce.

Simple, efficient shipping.

Gooten’s smart, networked approach to order management gives doesn’t just give more options when it comes to shipping products. It helps make those decisions for you, so you get the benefits of micromanagement without all the work.

Here are just some of the ways Gooten improves the shipping experience for our partners.

Better rates

Products fulfilled by the Gooten Network come from manufacturers who fulfill a lot of orders. They get better shipping rates than most stores, and their rates become your rates.

Automatic optimization

Gooten's network approach allows us to make products closer to your customers. That gives us better domestic rates, and limits how often you need to pay for international shipping.

no hidden costs

Our flat shipping rates include all the costs and fees that normally come with fulfillment, and applies to all your domestic orders. See shipping costs for any order at any time.

How Shipping Works

At Gooten, we help make shipping as simple and manageable as possible. That being said, delivering products to customers around the world is still a complicated subject, so here are some answers to common questions.