5 Design Tips You'll Want to Remember

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You may not be a designer by trade, but you know what you like. Sometimes though, expressing your thoughts visually can be a bit of a problem.

So here are a few tips you’ll want to remember to make your design choices stand out even more, while still remaining uniquely yours.

1. Do More With Less

Too many colors can overwhelm a picture, so always strive to use four colors or less. These don’t have to be completely different, even separate shades of the same color can turn out differently in printing.

2. Back in Black

Even though white shirts are cheaper to make, a light design on a darker shirt really makes it pop.

3. Know Your Customer’s Needs

A simple rule that often goes overlooked: know your customer base, their needs, likes. Adjust your sales campaigns accordingly. If it’s summer season, offer more bathing suits. If it’s winter, more deals on sweaters.

4. Use HD Image Files

This may seem like a no-brainer, but always use the best possible quality images you have. The better the image, the better it will look when printed. High resolution image files of at least 300 DPI (which stands for “dots per inch”) are always used in printing high-quality products.

5. Use Vectorized EPS, or Other Lossless Format Files

Unlike raster graphics (which are made up from pixels), vector graphics consist of points and lines, meaning they retain the same quality even when they’re enlarged. These are usually created in Adobe Illustrator (.eps file), but there are several other alternatives, such as Inkscape, which is free. If you can’t use an .eps file, the .png format is usually a good substitute.