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5 Ideas for Designing Custom Phone Cases

Frank Jackson, 05/16/2016,

Custom designed phones cases are in hotter demand than ever. Let’s face it, it’s become every person’s god-given right and duty to own a cell phone, and who among us doesn’t have a horror story that involves a cracked screen due an unprotected phone. We all understand the utility of a phone case, which makes selling phone cases through your Shopify store a no-brainer.

As a creative entrepreneur your job is generating the artistic designs that will separate your brand from the rest. If you haven’t begun selling phone cases yet, here are 5 ideas to help you get started.

Your own art & designs

Phone cases make a canvas for your artwork. As an artist you have a portfolio full of your own creative work. Plus, you have the opportunity to showcase some new ideas you’re fleshing out and see how popular they are with your customer base.

Your designs are apart of your individual brand that sets you apart from all your competitors. This is another chance to incorporate what you want your brand to stand for stylistically.

Quotes and Inspiration

Phone cases are a great way to feature copy that reinforces your brand. Let’s say your business is coffee related, the popular meme “OK, but first, coffee” is the kind of idea that makes sense to use. Clever little sayings, inspirational quotes, something funny, a truism, anything small enough to print but large enough to say something memorable are the best sellers.

Phones cases make the ideal product to brand your name and logo for increased exposure. They make great swag items for giveaways at events, or you can run promotions to build up your online following by offering free phone cases through social media ads.

It’s not exactly just a giveaway if you’re putting your brand on a product. The person who receives it will use it for others to see, and then it becomes like a smaller-version of a walking billboard advertisement. Increased following, increased brand awareness, two birds, one stone.

Customize a case with Instagram photos

You don’t need to look much farther than your own Instagram page for cool aesthetic designs. Chances are if they were good enough for your page, you’ll be able to find something you like pretty quickly by repurposing one of your photos. Your Instagram is a steady reservoir of personally-owned images for you to use. Who better to steal from than yourself?

Power to the people

Letting people create their own designs with their own images is a great feature to make available to your audience. People can choose a family photo, a favorite vacation destination, their lovable pooch, anything from their own arsenal of images to upload and then buy. It’s the 2010s! Everyone wants products customized to their life and their own identify. Democratizing the design work will generate even more sales.

Are you ready to upload your designs on high quality,low priced phone cases? Sign in and start selling custom designed phone cases today.

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