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How to Find Design Ideas for Dropshipping Products

Frank Jackson, 08/04/2016,

As a creative entrepreneur, perhaps the business side of the equation comes more naturally than the creative part. Even the most talented artists struggle with creative blocks that get in the way of new ideas.

Here are the places to go in order to provide yourself with plenty of design inspiration to sell dropshipping products people love.

Go For a Walk

This isn’t a heroic call for exercise. Although, I guess that’s a nice byproduct. But simply paying attention to trends in brick-and-mortar retail and adapting them to your ecommerce ideas, can be just the ticket you need to create a profitable and unique business.

Look around your community and take note of what new or interesting retail concepts people are talking about.

Go Master Your Image Tools

Filmmaker Robert Rodrigeuz has a famous line, “If you’re just creative, you’ll always have to rely on technical people. If you’re creative and technical, you’re unstoppable.”

By becoming a master of Photoshop, or whatever image-editing software you use, you will will put yourself in a better position to be able to think of unique designs.

Go Analyze Your Competitors

A great way to understand demand and what could potentially appeal to your audience is to look to your competition. Although you’ll probably never know exactly how well your competition is doing, there are things you can uncover that can give some indication.

A great trick to find trending products offered by your competition is to go to your browser and enter the domain name of your competitor then add /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling at the end. Shopify has by default an enabled option that lists all products and sorts them by the revenue/unit sold. By typing in that simple hack, you can see all best-selling products of your competitors sorted out.

Look at what works

Go Pop Culture

What do Pokemon, Donald Trump, matcha tea, pineapples, Michael Jordan crying, Bernie Sanders, and Harambe the gorilla all have in common? As of 2016, those are a few of the popular memes, fads, and trends that have dominated the current pop culture landscape.

We live in a ‘now-now-now’ society where consumers are willing to spend money on items that reference what’s happening right now. So read newspapers, culture blogs, celebrity sites and see what people are talking about that you can incorporate into your product marketing. Through dropshipping with Gooten you can easily change your inventory to keep your store hip-and-cool as trends go in-and-out of style.

Go On Social Media

Pinterest and other similar image curation sites can be a goldmine for product and niche ideas. Many of the images contain interesting, new and trending consumer products. Using the built in social signals you can sometimes get a sense almost immediately of their popularity.

Instagram is also an interesting option for inspiring product ideas. Because it’s photo based, it makes it easy to scan through many ideas and photos quickly. If you have a particular interest in a product category or industry, you can try searching for applicable hashtags. Another great option is to do a search on Instagram for applicable hashtags that insinuate buyer interest and intent like #want and #buy.

Following the right people on social media can help inspire new ideas via a constant stream of carefully curated content from the people in the know. There are several online tools you can use to discover the influencers online for a particular industry or niche, but these two are popular:



Great ideas are all around you

Go Through Design Blogs

An artist friend once told me whenever he was stumped for design ideas, he would go to a museum for inspiration. Well, save yourself the entry fee, and stroll through the art museums of the online world – Design Blogs. There are terrific resources available put together by talented designers:


The title says it all. Capturing the joy she gets from good design, Hannah Dollery wants to share exactly what inspires her. It’s a vast collection too, with well over 1,000 posts all handily categorized.

The Fox Is Black

Combining the best of art and design, expect to see everything from experimental photography to recycled furniture, cutesy illustrations to daring music cover art. A great place to get a sense of the wide range of projects to which you can apply your own design talents.


A vast resource of visual inspiration covering graphic design, typography, illustration and much more, with a bunch of tutorials to help you brush up on some of your software skills.


Lose yourself in this vast catalog of design and art-led videos, covering a cross-section of design disciplines, with some stunning case studies of visual and product design.

Great ideas, they’re all around you! Don’t be afraid to experiment and test new designs. Through your partnership with Gooten, you’re not paying for inventory, so start creating products now, and see what works. One idea always leads to another, the key is to keep stimulating the mind, and to keep your mind open to all possibilities.

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