Design Trends for Print on Demand Products in 2018

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2018 Design Trends for ecommerce

2017 was the year of political designs and wearable self-expression. Partners created products for an entire spectrum of political and social causes and consumers were eager to show off these designs.

Many of our top partners capitalized on up-to-the-minute trending topics, spitting out designs practically before the news had a chance to catch up!

Taking a look forward into the next year, we’ve gathered the data on what Print on Demand design trends you can capitalize on in 2018.

1. Ultra Violet

With Pantone releasing their 2018 pick for color of the year, Ultra Violet, I feel like I’m back in my childhood bedroom circa 1993. You’ll definitely want to take a look into the 80s and 90s design archives for color and design inspiration. Just be sure to put a modern spin on it.

2. Hand-Made

Fun simple design trends in 2018
Illustration and hand-made elements like lettering, organic shapes, and paper cutouts have just started gaining steam. Experiment with working outside Photoshop for a few days. And not just for sketching.

3. Creative Typography

Fun simple design trends in 2018
One word designs like “bae”, “strong”, and “feminist” were all over the internet in 2017. Step up your design game with some creative typography, by altering the forms and shapes of the letters to differentiate your product designs.

4. Minimalism

Add your own personality to your designs
Keep it simple. Not everyone wants to make a declaration with their merchandise. Sometimes the best designs are also the least complicated.

5. Patterns

Fun simple design trends in 2018
Anything can be taken up a notch by incorporating it into a repeating pattern. A simple illustration looks sophisticated when it’s stamped artfully across a phone case.

Design is Life

2018 is the year to continue personalizing your designs with your unique brand, and capitalizing on social trends. It’s sure to be another eventful year, so stay tuned to what’s happening in the news and to the latest cultural phenomenons, so they can inspire your next best-selling products.