Direct to Garment Market Trends 2021

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jul. 26, 2021

During our FB Live last week, Gooten’s CMO, Mark Kapczynski, chatted with the VP at IT Strategies, about the latest trends emerging in the direct to garment (DTG) world. Marco shares some interesting findings regarding the high demand of promotional goods which represent a large share of the DTG market due to the growing gig economy. 


Want to learn more about what DTG trends to look out for in 2021? Watch the full video below:

Key Takeaways

  • Online t-shirt orders remain remarkably steady due to social media influencers monetizing their audience, large organizations leveraging charitable donations to keep revenues coming in, and the gig economy increasing during lockdown
  • Millennials are large drivers of DTG growth as awareness of mass customization opportunities increase
  • By 2025, almost a quarter of worldwide t-shirts are expected to be printed by DTG vs. Screen only.