Inside-Out in the T-shirt Industry with Marshall Atkinson

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jun. 28, 2021

Last week we did a live release of our new eBook “Inside-Out in the T-Shirt Industry” in partnership with Marshall Atkinson, Business Coach and Founder of Atkinson Consulting and Shirt Lab.

During their chat, Mark and Marshall discussed the intricacies of the decorated apparel industry and what brands in the fashion and merch space need to pay close attention to when selecting apparel items for their eCommerce stores. 

Want to learn more about what’s involved in the print on demand making and selection of the perfect t-shirt that can garner the results your business needs in order to scale? Watch the full video below:

Key Takeaways

In this eBook, learn about the following plus much more:

  • Different fabrics and how they’re made within the industry
  • The details you need to pay attention to when selecting garments
  • Artwork and decoration techniques most prominently used
  • Production of apparel and how it all comes together for final delivery
  • A checklist for troubleshooting your apparel orders

Download this resource, and let's get started on scaling your business today!