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How to Turn Window Shoppers Into Buyers

Frank Jackson, 01/25/2016,

As an online store owner you already know the importance of standing out in a tight and highly competitive market. The key to gaining brand credibility and attracting new customers is through intelligent online marketing. Content along with the visual presentation of your site creates the image of your online store. When it comes to online marketing try keeping these two rules in mind:

Motivate an action : A well placed call to action that is subtle yet firm will push visitors to take action. It should create a need, and instill a desire for your products.

Clear the way for conversions: Great design can reduce visitor’s anxiety and present your online store as trustworthy. Make it a clean design with no distracting features and visitors will feel safe to buy.

These two steps are essential to follow in order to achieve profitable promotion of your online store. You have to think of your content marketing strategy in e-commerce as like the window display of a traditional store, and window shopping happens in online stores just as same. The difference with an online store is that e-commerce window shopping is done through search engines. When someone comes along your way, you have to make sure they come inside, browse around, and will find something they like.

If you’re like the average online store owner then you probably do not have extensive background knowledge of design and are not sure how to effectively present your store and products. Here are some tools that will help you in your mission to generate more revenue:


This graphic design platform is great for creating images. It has numerous images from which you can choose and it also allows you to add different design elements such as buttons, banners, text etc. making it easy to create an awesome image for your promotion.


Canvas is very similar to Canva except it is used for creating promotional e-mails. Same as Canva, it allows you to choose from a list of extensive stock images that you can simply drag and drop into an e-mail field, and you can then import it into your promotional e-mail content.


MailChimp is an increasingly popular platform that you can use for e-mail marketing and also allows you create and design templates very simply.


Videos and screenshots are essential for quality marketing content, and in order to make them SnagIt is the perfect choice. With SnagIt you can easily record everything that you see on your screen or take snapshots. It also allows you to add design effects and elements that will make your screenshots look more professional and beautiful.


PlaceIt is a great tool for importing your screenshots or website on to various devices. You can either upload it from your computer or just enter the url address and PlaceIt will take a screenshot and place it into the screen that you choose. PlaceIt has an extensive offering of images with different screens/devices so allows you to create beautiful content with your online store on a variety of devices from the comfort of a park bench or a desk, etc. the rest is simply your imagination.

Death to the Stock Photo

This is a great service to sign up for, as they will e-mail you some awesome photos every month for free which you can use in your content marketing.

Dreamstime Photo

Dreamstime Photo will also email you every month send you some free for use photo images, including information on the latest trends in design, so you could follow it and get some creative ideas.

In the online world, blog posts are created every 0.5 seconds, and 1 million photos published every hour. The ability to create unique and effective written and visual content has never been more important for running a successful online store. Devote time and effort to creating engaging content with eye-cathching imagery, and customers will spend less time window shopping, and more time filling up their shopping carts.

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