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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Shopify Store

Frank Jackson, 05/13/2016,

Spring cleaning is our yearly reminder to freshen up our lives and what surrounds it. It’s also the perfect time to revitalize your Shopify store and clear out the old clutter. Ecommerce is an evolving industry, and keeping up with the latest trends in optimization is essential to the success of your store.

Just as you should be updating the products you offer through Shopify on a regular basis, the design and content of your store itself should also be continually tested and revised. Here are the essentials to your Shopify store’s spring cleaning checklist.

The Look

The first thing I do when I’m spring cleaning is go through my clothes and toss out whatever hasn’t kept up with the times. We never question the importance of our appearance when presenting ourselves to others, and the same idea should apply to the design of your Shopify store. Has your store had the same appearance as the day you started?

The right design can dramatically affect how visitors respond to your products. The look is a reflection of the personality of your brand, the same way our clothes are a reflection of ourselves. Here are some suggestions of themes that have generally been well-reviewed.

Supply (Free)

Supply Shopify Theme

Ideal for stores with large inventories, Supply is designed to make it quick and easy to browse through all the categories and products your store has to offer. A very beautiful and easy to use theme which works well for desktop, tablets and mobile. One user review stated, “Fully responsive, simple, well-thought, beautiful & nice cart functionality. Since I installed this theme, my statistics have improved.”

Minimal (Free)

Minimal Shopify Theme

Are you looking for something user-friendly, easy to use, but still has that trendy look? Loaded with excellent features designed to give you complete flexibility, Minimal allows you to customize to your heart’s content with additional layout options, product views, collections views, navigation styles and typography choices.

Blockshop ($140)

Blockshop Shopify Theme

Blockshop is a unique, premium Shopify theme, perfect for emerging and established businesses, start-ups, boutiques and artisans. Customers love how easy it is to navigate, which is important for an e-commerce entrepreneur.

Icon ($140)

Icon Shopify Theme

Icon is a parallax Shopify theme packed with wide array of features that empowers Shopify store-owners to create unique and compelling shopping experiences with ease. It includes features like a sticky header, sticky sidebar, parallax scrolling images and much more. This is an elegant, chic, and impactful theme that showcases products superbly and is adaptable enough to really personalize.

Retina ($160)

Icon Shopify Theme

Voted the best in ecommerce design by distinguished industry leaders, Retina comes packed with next-generation features and flexible theme settings. One user commented, “Since converting to this theme, I immediately saw an increase in conversions. I had what I thought was a nice theme, but there is something about the Retina theme that makes people want to buy.”

The Message

Sure, at the time you thought you wrote the perfect copy for selling both your brand and products, but just like visual content, what you’ve wrote in the past can get stale pretty quickly. You should be testing new copy periodically in order to find the sweet spot that will convert visitors into buyers. Keep these 3 ideas in mind:

  • Visitors want to know how your products will improve their lives. You can judge if you are truly showing benefits that reflect their needs by comparing what you’ve wrote to this copy-writing maxim: If you own a mattress store, you’re not selling mattresses, you’re selling a good night’s sleep. People can get lost in the product details, but applying the benefits of your product to their lives will make people see the light.

  • Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your site. Use words that will connect with people on an emotional level. Talk about obstacles that you’ve overcome that will be relevant to your target audience.

  • Blogging is a great way to build your audience and generate more traffic and sales for your business. You shouldn’t treat it as an unnecessary luxury. It give you the opportunity to reach out on a personal level to inform and move your readers to action. The more you update your blog, the blog people recognize you as a thought leader in your industry. This buildup of trust and authority will lead to more sales over time.


SEO for Shopify

Speaking well to humans is important - speaking well to search engines is what separates the average store from the successful ones. Google is constantly updating what factors it prioritizes when it comes to search engine optimization, but here are some essentials that won’t be going out of style anytime soon.


As a store-owner, you want to know exactly what keywords your customers are using so that you can target them. A useful tool to help you brainstorm and discover the most popular keywords is the Google Keyword Planner. This tool helps you determine the most popular keywords by comparing search volumes.

Page Titles

Placing important keywords at the front of the Title Tag will improve ranking and click-through rates. If your brand is widely known, include it at the beginning of the title to increase click-through rates. Otherwise, it should be at the end. Your title tags should make sense to human readers.

Meta Description

Write all your title and meta descriptions like advertisements. Make sure that you use a call to action at the end of the meta description to activate the search engine user and let them click on your website.

Image Alt Text

The alt tag is not only used for optimal user experience but also to show relevancy for that page. So if you are selling the iPhone 6s and you give your Iphone image the alt tag: “iPhone 6s” then search engines will notice that the whole page is about the iPhone 6s and thus giving you better relevance and higher rankings.


Links to your online store from other websites help Google know that your site is popular and can be trusted. Ask your friends and affiliates to link to your store, and look for places where your store can be listed online. It’s important to only link to sites that Google trusts, because too many links to low-quality sites can adversely affect you in search rankings. You can use MOZ to view the Domain Authority and Page Authority of a site, which is a good indicator of how much trust the site has with search engines.

Spring cleaning isn’t just a chore, in fact, often times it can be alot of fun. Spring is the perfect time for something new, so whether you’re looking for the best Shopify fulfillment solution, or the best theme for your store, or the best way to speak to your audience, take some time and get to work revitalizing your online store.

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