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[INFOGRAPHICS] Retargeting Strategies To Bring Shopify Customers Back

Frank Jackson, 06/21/2016,

It’s frustrating right? Visitors have come through your online store. You know this because you track this. They browse, they lurk, and seemingly, they leave. This however, does not have to be where the story ends.

According to a comScore study after just 4 weeks of retargeted ad exposure, they found branded search increased by 1046% and in site visitation rose 726%. The fact is, it may not always be love at first sight with every one of your visitors. But the old adage is true – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. And then try again.

Cart Recovery

Buyers who abandon carts aren’t necessarily not interested in making a purchase. Timing is everything. Allow Shopify customers to pick up where they left off by sending an email with the items they selected and also a recommendation of related items. Not only are you making it easier for them to recover their products and complete their purchase but you also provide a more personalized service to inspire further shopping.

Reasons for Cart Abandoning

Cart Recovery Infographic

Image via Econsultancy

Update Your Product Catalog

Your store visitors may have been looking for a certain item that at the time you didn’t carry. A great way to get back on their radar is to add products through your Shopify dropshipping provider, and email them with an update. This gives you a reason to re-engage them with an offer that may be beneficial to them, and at the least, it puts your name back into their memory.

Add a Product Through Gooten

Add A Product Through Gooten

Customized Ads

Showing retargeted ads to everyone and in a continuous manner, is a sloppy method that could irritate audiences. Devote your effort toward research and segment your audience into different funnels such as existing customers, new customers, etc. This is because the message copy differs for each category of customers and providing the same message may result in keeping the audience idle rather than activating them.

Customize Your Ads

Image Via Retargeter

Targeting Your Online Followers

Target any brand loyalist that has engaged your Instagram or Facebook page or followed you on Twitter. By offering special promotions or sales targeted to people who have shown at least some form of support for your brand, you’re putting yourself in a position to expand your engagement and entice others to join your networks, through the continued advocacy of your interested followers.

Social Retargeting

Image Via SEOCustomer

Make Old Customers New Again

After a certain time interval, retarget past Shopify customers who made an initial purchase with an offer that is customized to their previous order. Offer a discount for customers who place large orders in advance, or offer free shipping to show them appreciation for their continued loyalty.

Retargeting Ad Ideas

Image Via Moz

The basis of retargeting strategies is the “Mere Exposure Effect” a psychological phenomenon that states people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familar with them. Don’t let any potential sale go to waste. Sharpen your retargeting methods through research and determination. Try, try, try again. And then try again.

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