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How To Get Rid of Boring Product Descriptions

Frank Jackson, 06/30/2016,

Do your product descriptions sound like a robot wrote them?

Your descriptions should do more than describe - in order to sell your products they need to have the human touch. However, it also shouldn’t sound like something you would hear from a carnival barker or pushy car salesman. The key to writing product descriptions that convert is finding the sweet spot in the middle.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to nail down the right copy for selling your products on Shopify, or whatever ecommerce platform you’re using.

Girl in thought

Are the most important features highlighted?

Put the needs of your buyer first. Start with the most enticing part of what you’re offering that will wet the appetite of your potential buyer.

What ultimate benefit is apparent to your customer?

Customers are not interested in mundane specs and jargon filled technical description - they just want to know how will this product enrich their life. How will you bring simplicity or beauty into their world.

Does it read clear and concise?

There’s a fine line between writing descriptions with a human feel, and writing descriptions full of poetry and fluff. Maya Angelou may be a great poet, but she’d probably be a poor copywriter. Think more in terms of Hemingway, who tried not to say a single word that didn’t need to be there.

Is your description verb-heavy (good) or full of adjectives (bad)?

The most important factor in being human - we do stuff. We are interested in movement, and the best product descriptions aren’t with static strings of adjectives, but with powerful action words that put your product in motion.

Copy must match your buyer persona

Does the tone match your buyer persona?

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Write down a list of factors that could influence their purchasing, and address those directly in your description. Are they worried about durability? Quality material? What is the value they are searching for?

Copy eureka moment

Can you possibly weave in some social proof to make your product more trustworthy?

Consumer studies have shown that almost 70 percent of buyers look at product reviews prior to making a purchase. Consumers value the experiences of their peers more than persuasion from sales copy. Instill your words with trust by mentioning positive comments from previous buyers, case studies, any press mentions, or awards.

Copy with social proof

Why is your product better than your competitors?

It’s no secret. Online buyers like to do their comparison shopping. Instead of having the same description that generically is out there, put in some key differences. Emphasize the one thing your product does better than anyone else. Think about not only what you say, but how you say it. If the majority of your competitors write with an inspirational tone, perhaps yours can be more on the comedic or casual side.

Does it sound like you’re selling a mattress (bad) or selling a good night’s sleep (good)?

This is the most important question you can ask yourself. As well-stated in a post from Talentzoo:

In advertising, you’re never really selling what you’re actually selling. If it’s a three-bedroom house, it’s really family life. If it’s jewelry, it’s not metals, it’s happily ever after. If it’s a phone, it’s not communication, it’s connection. If it’s clothing, it’s a lifestyle.

Always remember, there is a greater purpose behind your product. People don’t want to be sold to. They want someone they trust to deliver something of benefit to their lives.

Girl satisfied with copywriting

Read product descriptions from other successful companies and try to emulate what they do, for example Patagonia, Groupon, Filson, L.L. Bean and ModCloth. The more you work at it, eventually you’ll get the hang of putting life into your products.

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