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How to Address 6 Common Problems This Holiday Season

Frank Jackson, 10/18/2016,

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need this article. Your holiday season would go exactly to plan, and every customer sale would end with them shouting your praises from the social media rooftops.

However, hiccups are inevitable. Whether it’s technical glitches, delivery issues, or an overload of customer support requests, chances are you’ll be attempting to put out some fires during the busiest shopping period of the year.

The best way retailers can prepare for the holiday season is by being aware of the challenges that lay before them and implementing appropriate measures to handle the holiday rush.

Here are some common things that could go wrong, and the best way for you to be prepared to handle them:

Communicate with Gooten to ensure inventory on the products you intend to market through your promotional campaigns.

Running out of a top-selling item can cause not only a loss of sales, but can also damage your reputation with customers. Factor in product sales histories and promotional sales expectations in order to give us an accurate projection, so that we can coordinate with vendors on an increase of a certain product you plan to promote.

Double check your offer codes and discounts.

Customers are stressed enough as it is, but when they see an offer code or promotion and then realize that it isn’t working, problems arise. Maybe one of your promotional codes is setup wrong and a customer receives an 80 percent discount when they should have only received a 20 percent discount. Prepare for these situations by knowing how you will respond. Will you honor the promotion? Are you going to credit back their money completely? Preparation now saves hassle later.

Clearly communicate hard shipping date deadlines with customers well in advance.

Address problems in a timely manner

If customers don’t know if gifts will arrive on time, they’ll abandon their shopping carts. Set a delivery cutoff date for the holidays, and reinforce it on your site and through marketing emails. Here is information about Gooten’s holiday shipping cutoff dates that you can plan your marketing and customer communication around.

Let your customers know exactly what they’re getting through explicit product descriptions.

During the holidays no one wants to have to search a website for what is included with the product or what it is made from. If you don’t offer the consumer the information they are looking for, consider that consumer as good as gone.

Have a clear return/refund policy in case packages are smashed or lost.

Address problems in a timely manner

Unfortunately, neither UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS has a 100% successful delivery rate. If ever there is a mistake in the printing or an item is damaged during shipping, we would simply need visual proof or a form of documentation sent to us. We will issue a reprint, and ship that to your customer at no additional cost to you. In cases where your customer has an otherwise general complaint, it would be at your discretion if you choose to issue a replacement order to your customer.

It is critical that online retailers keep up a high level of customer service throughout the holiday season.

To assist your efforts, for a limited time, we’re extending our White Label Support offer to all our partners. With our premium White Label Support, our amazing Customer Support team provides fully branded white labeled email support, so your customers believe they are directly contacting a member of your company. For full details on how pricing and implementation works, simply let us know you’re interested, and we’ll work on getting your White Label Support plan in motion.

Good luck this holiday season trying to prevent fires before they get started, but if it happens, you have our assurance we will work with you to do what we can to keep your customers happy and loyal to your company.

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