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8 Dates to Pay Attention to During the Holiday Sales Season

Frank Jackson, 10/27/2016,

Black Friday starts the onslaught of real holiday sales, but that doesn’t mean you have to begin your best sales pitches as soon as this retail holiday hits.

A better plan is to tease your customers with emails of what’s to come, posting sneak-peeks of upcoming sales on social media, and jump-starting the curiosity of your audience. The quicker you engage in this, the more momentum you will have during Black Friday and Cyber Monday when you finally announce the sale to your customers.

Consider a more gradual plan that drives people to your stores during key parts of the season:

November 8 - Election Day (U.S)

The Game 7 World Series of politics. With the “colorful material” surrounding this year’s election, this could be a good opportunity to engage leads and customers. Create some political themed content, send out clever emails, and even consider running a sale. Meme and GIF usage will be at an all time high.

November 11 - Veteran’s Day (U.S.), Remembrance Day

Veteran’s Day has become a huge buying day for online shoppers and is fast being considered the true start to the busy holiday season. This is a chance to announce your upcoming holiday promotions and generate early traffic to your site. Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion starts now! Send out email blasts and create an email pop-up to capture new leads and drive early sales with a cart abandonment promotion. iMedia reports that Mondays, and also Wednesdays, are the best days for ecommerce conversions.

November 24 - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving marks the start of the most chaotic time for ecommerce. Find yourself a brown paper bag to repeatedly breathe into and out. Then try to find some time to go through some last minute checks before the crazy shopping begins. This is an ideal time to send out last-minute Black Friday and Cyber Monday reminders with a holiday theme.

November 25 - Black Friday

Review your plan and make strategic changes

Black Friday means increased traffic, motivated shoppers, and giant sales. This is the start of the most lucrative shopping weekend of the year. Email your list regularly during the couple weeks leading up to Black Friday with details on how they can save. Engage your visitors with enticing on-site promotions featuring discounts and free shipping options.

November 26 - Small Business Saturday

This shopping holiday is about encouraging people to support local and small businesses. Showcase your story and build a connection with your shoppers and customers. You may just close some holiday sales!

November 28 - Cyber Monday

The largest sales day for ecommerce. Last year, Cyber Monday accounted for more online sales than Black Friday so you need to get your promotions together! Drive traffic to your site via email campaigns, content, and paid ads. Convert that traffic with specific Cyber Monday promotions on your site. Competition will be fierce on Cyber Monday so it’s very important to have measures in place to reduce cart abandonment.

November 29 - Giving Tuesday

Consider running a promotion based on donating a portion of revenue to a charity. This allows you to engage holiday shoppers via email, drive sales during Giving Tuesday, and help those who are less fortunate during the holidays.

December 12 - Green Monday

Green Monday is the largest online sales day in December, especially since there are still plenty of motivated shoppers looking to cross items off their lists. Run sales promotions on your site with a holiday themed pop up. This is also a good time to urgently remind your customers of your shipping deadlines on popular products if they wish for them to arrive before Christmas.

Take steps to maintain and nurture your relationship with new customers you acquired during the holiday season. Keep your customers engaged year-round by staying active on social media and sending out regular emails to your subscribers. By planning now, you ensure you are fully capitalizing of the best opportunity of they year to maximize your revenue.

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