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Cyber monday

Is Your Online Store Ready For Cyber Monday?

Frank Jackson, 11/18/2016,

Last year, sales for Cyber Monday hit a record $3 billion, establishing itself as the biggest day of the year in e-commerce. It’s the peak selling time of the year and signals the start of the holiday season.

Do you have your promotional campaigns ready to go?

Here are some last-minute tactics you still have time to add to your holiday marketing strategy:

Promote your offers on Reddit through subreddits that are all about saving money and sharing the hottest deals with other people.

Here are examples of a few great ones:

  • /r/Deals
  • /r/DealsReddit
  • r/FrugalMaleFashion
  • r/FrugalFemaleFashion
  • r/BlackFriday
  • /r/CyberMonday

Promote your offers on deal websites such as RetailMeNot, PromosPro, Coupon Chief, and other forums that crowdsource the best offers online.

This is a great opportunity to make a presence in an area where your competition may not actively be apart of.

Find the right Facebook Groups by searching ‘Cyber Monday deals” where you can engage hundreds of people with posts promoting your offer.

You should first check the guidelines for posting offers so you remain friendly with the moderators.

Be sure your site is optimized for mobile shoppers.

Shoppers on mobile devices spent 53% more last Cyber Monday than the previous year.

Every year, content marketers and publishers all around the web publish hundreds of “Best Cyber Monday Sales Happening Right Now” articles.

It’s a great opportunity for you as an ecommerce business owner to proactively reach out to bloggers and website editors ahead of time to let them know about the sale you plan on launching once Cyber Monday hits. Here’s how you can connect with these influencers:

  • Do a Google search for last year’s top articles [search for best cyber monday deals 2015]
  • Find the name of the author and see if they have a Twitter handle or email address attached.
  • Reach out to them via email or on Twitter a few weeks before Cyber Monday and ask them if they’ll be writing another article this year.

3 Post Cyber Monday Marketing Tips

What are you going to do to boost your sales after Cyber Monday? The challenge is to continue the momentum after the BF/CB weekend. Plan ahead and put your best creative ideas to work. Here are three suggestions:

1) Offer an extended discount

Offer a time sensitive, 24-hour up-sell that will be available the next day ONLY. It will be emailed at midnight and the clock will literally be ticking on the sales page. Then rip it down at 11:59PM that night.

2) Crank up your email newsletter

Start in the days leading to it, collecting email addresses and continue throughout. Then segment your list by customer interactions (buyers, visitors etc.) and target each group with relevant information. Your emails don’t have to be sales related as long as you give a recipient a good enough reason to come back to your site.

3) Be visible while your competition hibernates

Blog traffic tends to slow during holidays, so many bloggers take it easy once December rolls around. Take advantage of this opportunity by increasing your promotional efforts. Be visible on Twitter and Facebook while your competition is in hibernation.

Cyber Monday is coming soon on November 28th. Be sure you’ve done everything you can to grab your piece of the online sales pie.

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