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7 Under the Radar Tools to Simplify Your Ecommerce Business

Frank Jackson, 12/06/2017,

Staying on top of what is going on in the constantly evolving world of e-commerce isn’t always easy. There’s always that concern that there’s something great out there others are using that you don’t know about yet.

Don’t worry, we got you.

Here are some of the latest and best tools that will help you simplify, manage, and grow your business.

Mockup Generator

Mockup Generator is a DIY tool to create attractive product screenshots. With this tool, you can choose suitable mockup template/image, add text, background and other graphics to download the mockup in highest resolution. You can choose from over 1,000 beautiful pre-made templates that look professional and will earn you more attention from customers.


Nouncy is a free social media marketing tool to amplify your messages by letting people speak out for you online. A Nouncy campaign works like crowdfunding, but instead of money, supporters contribute tweets and Facebook posts.

The first step is deciding what URL you want to promote. For example your website, a blogpost, or an event page. On your campaign page you can tell people why you need their help. Anyone who has the link to your campaign can contribute Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn posts for you to send at a later point in time.

Join forces with your fans, customers, employees, friends and supporters to rise above the noise on social media. Your dashboard shows everyone who supported your campaigns and how much traffic they drove to your sites.

As the owner of the campaign you can manage and preview all the messages that people contributed in your campaign. You can decide to publish them one by one, in groups or all at once.


We are huge fans of Typeform which enables you to create beautiful surveys and forms for customer feedback. You can personalize your survey with awesome gifs, images and videos and create a positive user experience with engaging questions and answers.

Typeform helps you interact better with your audience while giving them the human experience they want, and encourages them to provide you with the information you’re looking for.

Good Email Copy

This one wins the best name award because it’s simply a platform that lists … good email copy. You can click on a category tag or use the search bar for inspiration, and you’ll find a highly curated list of emails you can use as templates for your own campaigns. So whether you’re looking for the right welcome email, product feedback email, or apology email, odds are you’ll find something here that will guide you in the right direction.


Are you the creative type always on the go? Curator is a top tool for the creative process that simplifies how you can organize the first fragment of an idea into documents or presentations.

It has tactile functions which allow you to refine ideas by interacting with your collected content, and lets you simply drag and drop to organize.

Curator works great on both iPhone and iPad, and can automatically sync your content to all your devices.


99designs connects businesses of all types and sizes with talented creatives around the world. They’ve helped thousands of small businesses and startups get designs they love, with more choice, fast turnaround times, and a 100% money-back guarantee. Designers from all over the globe compete with their peers in design contests to win prizes, improve their skills, and establish relationships with new clients.

The average contest lasts for one week, at the end of which time the client walks away with a finished design that’s ready to use. The designers have great new designs to add to their folios—and, if they’ve done well, some prize money too.

Brand Grader

Reviews, social media posts, and forum comments can impact your reputation either positively or negatively, and these can come from users anywhere online. Protecting and building your brand now means monitoring all those sources, to find out exactly what people think about you.

Check back with The Brand Grader regularly to see if you’re making progress, and to find new areas to focus on in your marketing.

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