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5 Tips Store Owners Can Use to Increase Conversion Rates

Frank Jackson, 01/16/2018,

Without this one thing, you could have all the web traffic to your ecommerce site in the world, but you still wouldn’t make any sales. Not a one. What is the thing?

Two words: conversion rate.

Your conversion rate is the difference between effective and ineffective, between sales and visits. If you have a lot of visits to your store but aren’t making the sales of which you’re capable, it’s time to make conversion rate your focus. Here are five tips to help you increase your conversion rate.

Tip #1: A/B Test Your Sales and Landing Pages

A/B testing is simple: you try out two different items and measure their effectiveness. This is a simple way to identify what you’re doing wrong on your pages—and what you need to do right.

This is nothing new. Shopify has a guide for A/B testing that explains exactly you can test variables from layout and design to pricing and promotions.

Tip #2: Get Persuasive

Even if you think your low conversion rate is a matter of technical issues — it never hurts to become more persuasive if you want to increase your conversion rate.

Have a look at the principles from Robert Cialdini’s seminal work on the subject: Influence. Are you incorporating elements like authority or reciprocity? Or are you just filling your individual landing pages with content and hoping that the visitors will sell themselves on your product?

Tip #3: Simplify

Ever come to an online shop that just does …too much? Too many words in their descriptions. Too much scrolling before the “Buy Now” button. Too much stuff.

You don’t ever want to be that online shop. Before you begin any of these other tips, consider simplifying your site and landing pages. This will make it easier to narrow down your focus to which variables matter the most. It will make A/B testing easier. It will make writing headlines easier. The more you simplify, the more you stand a chance at finding out what’s costing you conversions.

Tip #4: Become More Trustworthy

Try to think from your customers’ point of view for a moment. Why should they trust your ecommerce store?

Sometimes a customer might want to convert into a buyer, but they don’t necessarily trust you. To increase trust, focus on the following:

  • Customer testimonials: Display the fact that you’ve helped other customers like them.
  • Badges and other credentials: Show them off!
  • Consistency: A quality site with branding consistency shows that you’re a professional operation.

Tip #5: Ask for the Sale

Sometimes it’s not about the elements above. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of giving the customer an easy choice to make. Are they going to buy or not?

Ask for the sale with a large, effective, call-to-action button. Check out WordStream’s thoughts on calls-to-action and look over your site again. You may be surprised to find that your CTA isn’t nearly as compelling.

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