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How to Design More Creativity Into Your Facebook Ads

Frank Jackson, 02/02/2018,

Facebook is where you know you need to be if you want to be successful as a store-owner.

With over a billion monthly active users according to Statista, you have the opportunity to put your business and product in front of a highly targeted audience specific to your niche.

Many ecommerce businesses have been able to make the most of this opportunity and have grown their business significantly with Facebook ads. However, some also struggle to find their way and connect with their target audience.

4 Types of Creative Facebook Ads For Storeowners

Advertisers can get in the habit of pushing out ad after ad without actually thinking about what makes an ad attractive to users. Facebook is a platform designed around the user experience, and the ads shouldn’t be any different.

So how do you grow customer awareness while boosting your bottom line conversion rates? Here are four tips on how you can create persuasive Facebook ads you can implement today.

1. Show Don’t Tell

If your online store features products with a lot of visual appeal, you’d be amazed at how much more attention you can generate on Facebook simply by showing your products out and about in every day life. Customers want to envision how your product will add value to their life. Videos that showcase that example in a real life scenario will translate into higher conversions.

A video on Facebook receives on average 135 percent more organic reach than a Facebook photo. Photos used to be the most engaging type of creative on social media, but video has quickly surpassed images and should now be a critical element of your ad sets.

You can find a great range of stock videos browsing through Adobe, and they have something for every industry type.

Make the video your own with branding. No one needs to know that you didn’t spend thousands of dollars and hire an entire production team to produce this video. Simply add a logo or a text overlay to the video and a call to action at the end.

2. Test New Copy

Advertising copy can make or break your advertising campaign. Learning to write engaging copy (coupled with great graphics) can help drastically reduce your ad costs.

The simplest place to start is mastering the old Problem-Agitate-Solution copywriting formula. For example:

  • Problem: Facebook ad creative design can be difficult and time consuming.
  • Agitate: Making simple mistakes can waste hours of prep work and thousands of ad spend.
  • Solution: This cheat sheet will cut your time in half AND double your ROI.

Use emoticons to break the monotony of your ads and drive better engagement. Rely on the call-to-action section to drive traffic to your website. While adding a URL in the ad may gain you a few extra clicks to your website, it can also hurt your engagement. Always test different variations of copy when you start your campaign because your audiences may react differently.

Also, it’s important to keep text in your images to a minimum. Images with heavy text will drive your cost up. Always use the Facebook Image Text Check tool to determine if your text overlay is okay.

3. The Full Use of Negative Space

The popular advice on Facebook ads is to take an HD photograph that’s vivid and alive with all sorts of bright colors. And this can indeed be a great way to catch the eye. But when your competition keeps doing the same thing, it might be time to go a different route visually.

That means utilizing negative space. Check out the “Get Asana. Get Results” ad at AdEspresso. It presents a clean, organized take on what it offers. There’s more negative space there than positive space, which means that this ad can cut right through a busy Facebook feed to get noticed.

4. The Niche Audience

“One ad fits all” is not the approach you want. This is especially true for storeowners like yourself who have to worry about venturing too far out of your intended target market.

How do you write creative Facebook ads that are relevant to your niche? By separating them before you publish them. For example:

  • Recent purchasing behavior. Purchasing behavior subcategories include Buyer Profiles, Clothing, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty and a lot more. Within each broad subcategory, you can drill down into types of behavior; for example, choosing Buyer Profiles will then let you target DIYers, Fashionistas, Foodies, etc.

  • Older vs. younger demographic. Create a specific headline for each demographic. This will force you to use a little more creativity, but different generations respond differently to ads.

  • Sales funnel. Do you want to boost awareness or make the conversion right now? What’s the goal of this ad? Should you run two campaigns at once, using different ads? Thinking about where your buyer is in their customer journey will help you create the right type of content that guides them along the path to purchasing from your store.

Getting creative is about more than just brainstorming. It’s about using all the tools at your disposal to generate something fresh in your store’s niche. Keep asking what your audience is looking for. Eventually, you’ll find your creative sweetspot that speaks to their needs.

Interested in more ideas for your Facebook campaigns, and for tips on Paid Advertising in general? Join us Tuesday, February 6th at 11am for our next webinar, “Everything You Wanted to Know About Paid Advertising but Were Afraid to Ask.” Todd Barrs, Gooten’s President of Ecommerce and Retail Operations will be hosting a round-table discussion with 3 experts in Paid Advertising, and will also work in questions directly from the audience!

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