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7 Action Items to Increase Your Conversion Rate at Checkout

Frank Jackson, 02/15/2018,

The reasons behind the sales your store makes tends to make itself clear.

However, the reasons behind the sales you don’t make can be trickier to pin down.

Often, the key to your sales comes down to your checkout page. That’s what Clean Program came to understand when they engaged in some conversion testing and tweaking. They found that by simply making their buttons more consistent with their branding, they were able to boost their checkout page conversion rate by 16%.

An optimized checkout page is the crucial piece to closing sales. It’s the decision point. To maximize your profits, here are some ideas that can test and tweak to see what moves the needle and entices your visitors to making a purchase.

Tip #1: Give Them One Page for Checking Out

In an A/B testing case study, it was found that a single-page checkout outperformed a multi-page checkout by about 21.8%. A one-page checkout page has many clear benefits:

  • Faster and simplified checkout process
  • Quick and intuitive navigation
  • Apt for mobile shoppers
  • Increased page performance and interactivity
  • Options like guest checkouts help users to skip the need to fill long forms and directly move to the payment part
    With a single page checkout, customers can see exactly how far along the checkout they are, and how many fields they have left before they can complete it. It adds a little psychological boost and motivates them to finish it off.

Tip #2: Ditch the Enhanced Menu Functions

Your guiding light should be to create a single flow toward the purchase. VeggieTales did this by removing the excessive navigation that marked their pages, which resulted in a 14.3% increase in revenue from each of their checkout page users. It had benefits across the site as well, such as an increase in revenue from mobile visitors.

The last thing you want to do is distract people from completing your checkout process. When you stuff your checkout with links, offers, and other products, you’re taking the focus away from the purchase. Attention spans are low these days, so it’s crucial not to distract customers just as they pay you.

Tip #3: Don’t Make Them Work Too Hard

Notice a theme yet? Keeping it simple works. Make sure that everything on your checkout form is completely understood, such as CVV and input formats. In fact, if you can, have the fields limit only what can be typed into certain fields to make it easier for users So, when a user types a credit card number, format it for them as they go along to make it easier to read and harder to mess up.

Digital wallets help tremendously with this. Digital wallets are payment processors like PayPal Express, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and others. These systems allow users to sign in with their account information and then pre-populates everything for them. It is faster for them, and more secure for everyone.

Tip #4: Build Trust

KissMetrics points out that a few visual badges that indicate trust, such as advertising the credit cards that you accept, goes a long way toward building a new relationship with potential buyers. Not only will it enhance your credibility in their mind, but it will introduce a familiar buying signal at the most important point of the purchase.

Tip #5: “Continue Order” or “Review Order”

These two words phrases might seem innocuous to the potential customer, but If you do decide to go with a two-page checkout process,they’re strangely powerful. They don’t ask for an order. They simply ask for a simpler step forward: a kinder, gentler sort of ask. Funnily enough, these mild-mannered keywords can amount to some 50% increases in conversions.

Tip #6: Don’t Force Them to Create an Account

Allow your customers to complete the checkout process without having to register on your site. You can have them checkout as guests rather than forcing them to decide between completing the registration and abandoning the shopping cart. You can provide them an option to register after they checkout.

Otherwise you lose access to some 35% of users who say that they don’t want to create an account along with a purchase.

Tip #7: Offer Free Shipping

High shipping prices are the number one reason why people abandon carts.To solve this problem, many ecommerce businesses hide the shipping cost until the very end. They mistakenly believe that by doing so, they’ll avoid sticker shock and close more visitors.Customers, however, prefer to either see the shipping cost included in the price and not pay for shipping at all.

Strangely enough, it doesn’t matter whether the free shipping results in an overall higher order price. According to David Bell of the Wharton School of Business, a free shipping offer that saves someone $6.99 is more appealing to many consumers than a discount that reduces the purchase price by $10.

Tools for Increasing Conversion Rates

Here are a few key resources you can use to boost the conversion success of your checkout page:

It’s the sales you don’t make that will keep you up at night. To sleep easy, use these tips and ensure that your checkout page is doing its job as the closer.

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