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How to Optimize Your Facebook Video Ad Funnel

Frank Jackson, 06/07/2018,

One of the most competitive advertising battlegrounds today is the Facebook news feed. With millions of potential customers scrolling through their feed every day, it is not only one of the most competitive, but one of the fastest and easiest ways to capture new customers. To do this, you must understand how Facebook ads work and how to optimize a video ad funnel to get the most bang for your advertising buck.

Facebook Ads

With over 2 billion users, Facebook allows you to reach customers around the world at any time. Despite its massive reach, Facebook is still one of the most affordable forms of online advertising and allows you to target your customers on any budget. With a budget as small as 5 dollars per day you can boost posts or set an ad. Here is a basic template to ensure success:

Know Your Objective

What do you want from this advertisement? Is it increased sales of your website? More downloads of your ebook? Brand awareness? Although it seems simple, being explicitly clear with what you want to get out of your ad is essential to its success.

Choose Your Audience

Facebook allows you to advertise based on a number of things like age or location. Pick your demographics and target your ads to them.

Ad Location

Do you want your ad on the newsfeed? Instagram? Facebook on a desktop? You can learn a little more about ad placement on Facebook here.


You can enter a daily or lifetime budget and select the time period for your ad to run.


Facebook offers a number of formats from a simple photo ad to a video. We’re really excited about the potential of video ads and will discuss more in depth below.

Video Ads

As users have started to prefer video content, ads on social media, specifically Facebook, have met that need.

Jilian D’Onfro, a technology reporter at CNBC, believes “video checks a lot of boxes for Facebook: it pulls in users, keeps them coming back, encourages them to post more original content, and gives Facebook a big runway for new advertising dollars.” This is great news for advertisers that create video advertisements as they can expect better placement and better rates.

However, this doesn’t mean you can just throw up a video and expect a boost in sales. Your Facebook Video Funnel strategy must consider three important stages: discovery, consideration, and conversion.

Stage 1: Social Discovery

This is the foundation of your buying funnel strategy. In the social discovery stage, you make consumers aware of your brand, make an impression, and collect valuable data to use later in your funnel. In this stage, you are looking to reach a broad audience so you can determine what types of demographics are engaging with your videos. Once you know who is engaging with your ads, you know who to target future ads to.

In the discovery stage, your main goal is to put out engaging, unique, and creative content that will introduce your company and offerings to a massive audience. In Facebook ads, you will create your ad’s audience parameters using filters like location, gender, language, age, and more. Although you want to reach a wide audience, be careful not to create too big of an audience.

You will also want to try a couple of different campaigns to test what videos are popular with what demographic and what demographic is interested in your product regardless of the advertisement. This information about your customers will become more valuable the further down the funnel we go.

Stage 2: Consideration

While the discovery stage ads generate invaluable customer data, in the consideration stage you take this information and generate segmented ads. Let’s say you own a women’s clothing company. From your initial ads, you learned that your clothing was most popular with women ages 35 – 50 in New York. You can now take this information to advertise your product specifically to women ages 35 – 50 in New York. Additionally, you can tailor your ads to these customers. Show your products being worn on the streets in New York or incorporate some local tradition into your ads. These small touches turn a bland Facebook ad into engaging content that sells your product.

Stage 3: Conversion

Now that you’ve identified your customers, advertised to them specifically with target ads or partnerships with their favorite influencers, you are now ready for conversion. One of the most effective ways to convert a customer is through deals and discounts tailored specific to them. You can offer free shipping on products they have viewed, show them videos showcasing products or services they have engaged with, or even offer special discounts on items they’ve left in their cart!

You can send these deals, and more, out to your specified demographic through Facebook ads and continue to track their progress. If you’ve gotten this far, you’re likely to see a lot of new clients as well as a steady stream of returning customers.

So, you’re all set. You know how Facebook ads work, and you know the right way to market your videos throughout different stages of your funnel. The only thing that’s left is to make sure you have all the products your customer wants. That’s where we come in. Our print on demand product line can be used to make sure your ads look great and help convert those sales.

We can’t wait to grow with you!

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