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2018 Year in Review: Most Popular and Trending Products

Frank Jackson, 01/14/2019,

The key to ecommerce sales is finding products that are trending and on the upward swing of popularity. We wrote recently on the latest design trends for 2019, and now here is our report on trending products.

We compared 2017 to 2018 to see what products saw the biggest growth in these five products:

What products saw the biggest growth

Bandanas (up 543%)

From work out accessory to tied on a tote the versatility of a bandana makes is perfect for your custom designs. This product has seen the biggest growth from 2017-2018 at 543% so wrap it around your wrist, pretty up your pup or even use as a wall hanging…trust us, they’ll never run out of ways to use a bandana.

Die Cut Stickers (up 483%)

Put a sticker on it! Stickers are a fast an easy way to personalize something and with our vinyl die-cut stickers that are easily removed and re-stuck anywhere you can put them everywhere! This is also an awesome ‘add on item’ for stores to increase your average order value.

Sweatshirts (up 390%)

Already selling tees? How about adding sweatshirts! Often overlooked for it’s hoodie counterpart, we’ve seen a significant increase in sweatshirt sales from 2017 to 2018. The Gildan 18000 is a great value option while the super soft Alternative Apparel 9575 is a lovely luxe option.

Minky Blankets (up 314%)

Our Minky blankets are soft and smooth like silky cashmere and resembles real mink to the touch. Our most popular - and most affordable - blanket option is a must have in your store!

Wall Calendars (up 202%)

Calendars see the biggest sales increase in Q4 so these are good ones to plan ahead for and have ready well before the holiday season.

Top in Item Sales

Do you have our most popular items in your stores? These products made up approximately 30% of items sold in 2018. Also, we have redundancy for most of our popular products, allowing us to quickly recover from vendor closures and delays so they are never out of stock.

Top in Item Sales

Top by Product Category

These graphs represent the top items in each category and the percentage of item sales for those combined categories.



Wall Art

Home Goods

Product Addition

Gooten added 11 totally new products in 2018, and has even more ambitious plans for 2019. One of our most popular categories that we have added quite a few products to is our Baby and Kids category. Most of our baby products were introduced in late 2017 or 2018 and as we ramped up to the holidays this year the sales of these products were on a steady increase. We expect these products to continue in popularity in 2019.

Gooten added 11 totally new products in 2018

Customization is King

Not a product itself but we would be amiss not to mention the rise we have seen in the popularity of personalization of products. This is more than just the latest ecommerce trend though. The benefit of customization is using your unique designs and inviting your customers to become part of the product creation process, gives them a reason to come to you instead of your competitors.

Retailers who have customization and personalization will have a significant competitive edge and Gooten makes super easy. Contact our support team on how to get set up for that today!

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