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How to Optimize Your Amazon Reviews

Jimmy Thompson, Guest Post, 02/10/2019,

The rising number of Amazon retailers has made business competition increasingly fierce. All Amazon retailers rack their brains for strategies to increase their sales.

They optimize everything about their product page including listings, keywords, pictures, etc. But they may neglect their reviews as this is generally not so obvious on the page.

Reviews, by and large, act as a mirror for consumers as well as for your business. At least, in theory, it promotes meritocracy. If your service is good, you get good reviews. If it’s bad, you get bad reviews. Customers are granted greater transparency, and good businesses get more trust (and therefore more business).

Product reviews matter a lot, and they are a key factor affecting shoppers’ decisions to buy.

Key factors to optimize your Amazon Reviews

A good review will bring clarity to your offer, authenticity to your brand, and trust to your product. How to optimize your Amazon reviews? This article will explain how to manage your reviews and help you increase your conversion.


Reviews provide your customers with key insights needed to make confident purchases. There’s a strong relationship with the number of reviews your product has and the conversion rate it will get. Consumers may generally view the number of your reviews first and from that assume how many people have bought the item. If the number is small, they may think the product is not popular, or it may have issues such as quality, design, or comfort. On the other hand, if there are thousands of reviews for the product, shoppers may go to the page and buy it because of its popularity.


The quality of reviews plays a key role when consumers are choosing which product to buy. They may think the item is the right one for them if they find all the reviews are positive. Previous buyers’ fantastic shopping experiences affect their buying decision.

Tips for Amazon review optimization

1. Encourage customers to write their views

First and foremost, you have to get as many customer reviews as possible. Reviews are powerful, almost 88% of consumers say they trust the online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Unfortunately, most shoppers fail to leave comments or ratings. If possible, you have to adopt some measure to encourage shoppers to write reviews and submit them. Make sure these people are qualified enough to write about your brand and share their positive shopping experience.

It may be impossible for you to reach them one by one, you can collect their email addresses when they buy your item, and then you are allowed to ask for feedback after they complete their purchase. You can load their emails in bulk or utilize the rating and review platform to send them post-purchase emails for feedback on the item they’ve bought.

2. Utilize the third-party Apps

Even if they have a good experience, most Amazon buyers fail to leave positive feedback or review products they purchase. Unfortunately, though if consumers have a bad shopping experience, they will immediately write a negative review on the product page. They may explain their complaint in detail to undermine your brand reputation and affect potential customers choosing your product.

Bad reviews negatively impact your account’s health. To resolve such problems there are some great third-party Apps helps you boost your review. FeedbackExpress is such a tool that helps you automate your communication with buyers for feedback and reviews about their purchases. It will help you increase your reviews to increase conversion and sales. It will also notify you of negative feedback so you can deal with it straight away and request the buyer to remove it.

Salesbacker will help you to get more reviews and increase your sales. It will send automated email campaigns to request product reviews. With pre-built template campaigns, it monitors negative feedback, tracks sellers’ ranking, and offers enhanced analytics. BQool helps your Amazon business with its repricing, feedback, review, and research. It will offer a comprehensive solution for Amazon sellers as it will help increase feedback and product reviews.

3. Get reviews from the top Amazon reviewers

Amazon has a list of its top reviewers who are known for their insightful and objective comments for relevant products. They may have titles such as “top ten reviewers” and this title distinguishes their reviews from other common reviews which makes them rather valuable. But how can you get reviews from them?

Firstly, you need to find them. Look on the Top Reviewer Rankings or the Hall of Fame; they have great influence among customers. Then, you have to search for relevant tags to match your product with their most used tags. This is to ensure high relevancy between your products and the reviewer.

Keep track of contacts and keep them in a neat and tidy spreadsheet, get to know the top reviewers’ email contact info and send them a thoughtful email to drive your reviews and sales. The email should be personally and carefully written to attract them. You can tell them your need clearly and honestly for your business idea. Finally, you must say “thank you” to them after successful cooperation. Remember to appreciate them, be grateful and importantly follow up with sincerity.

4. Deal with the negative reviews

As we know, good shopping feedback will boost your conversion and increase your sales. However, things will not always go as we expect. Sometimes, bad things happen. Negative reviews are inevitable for Amazon sellers. Tthere are no internet rules governing the expressions of the online complainers. How can you deal with such a dilemma?

Remaining calm is important. If possible, take time to do so. Assess the situation with a clear mind, and then you can objectively analyze the review. Is it a baseless rant? Or is it a simple emotional tirade? Is there any merit to the review? Allowing a little time also works for the reviewer as it allows them space to reflect and be reasonable and know what they are doing during the process. They may change the review after reflection.

You have to deal with these negative reviews with great caution. You have to determine if you have to respond to the negative feedback. You have to check the facts of the review. If it is true, is there any remedy to make up for the loss or the terrible shopping experience? Can you refund or replace the item for the shopper? If possible, you can offer the buyer a refund or replacement for the item they bought in exchange for removing their negative review. Buyers are allowed to remove their feedback within 60 days of posting their reviews. If things cannot be changed, you can look for new positive reviews to bury them. Also remember that if reviews violate the Amazon community guidelines, they will be removed by the platform. However, this rarely happens.

5. Handle the review display

How your reviews are displayed means a lot too. Your Amazon review display will decide which review will be the first popping up for customers to see. The first review they see is the impression of the item that potential buyers will get. Generally speaking, the most common way to display reviews is in chronological order. It simply means potential buyers will see the most recent reviews first.

This option has some benefits mainly for SEO despite sometimes obvious drawbacks. Because it changes as new reviews are left it’s possible that the first review a potential buyer may see is a negative review. However, chronological order is not the most positive rating for your reviews.

It is the content of the review that matters most when it comes to the star rating. A wide range of star values increases conversions in spite of more displayed negative reviews. If possible, you can allow users to see each review and then sort out them by their effectiveness. You can also show a representative sample of the variability in star rating.

6. Diversify your Amazon review

Words are the most common ways for customers to leave their shopping feedback. But it is not the most effective way of ensuring transparency and credibility. It is not so vivid as the product image and video. Images and videos are quite effective when it comes to business conversion. They are most likely to increase shoppers’ likelihood of purchase.

As the data suggests, most shoppers are more likely to buy the item with reviews featuring images and videos and not just text comment. As such, it will be a wise choice for you to enable customers to submit photos and videos related to your products as part of reviews. Videos and photographs will increase the credibility of your review content and therefore your conversion rate too. You can diversify the review form and adopt multiple content formats to increase your business. Visual content of your product is a must for you to stay competitive online.

For the reviewers, there are two types of reviewer for your marketing. On the one hand, you can ask for reviews from an influential person. On the other hand, you can send the post-purchase email to common buyers to leave their feedback. You can optimize all of your review content for search, increasing your rankings and traffic from organic channels.

To source reviews, you are allowed to collect all the review content via various channels, such as Post Purchase Emails and Write-a-Review forms to get more reviews.

7. Avoid illegal ways to optimize Amazon Reviews

If you want your business to go smoothly, you need to follow the rules of the Amazon community. There is no denying that all Amazon sellers are trying their best to market their items and increase their sales. But you can only optimize your reviews, listings, images in line with the rules set out by Amazon.

As the Amazon terms and conditions specify, there are some methods which are prohibited. We will break down the details as below:

  • You are not allowed to buy or offer incentives or coupons directly in exchange for reviews. Direct incentives are prohibited on Amazon.

  • You are not allowed to buy reviews for your products or the products of your competitors. You have to obey the competition rule on Amazon.

  • You are allowed to ask for honest feedback, but never specifically ask for positive reviews. This means you can’t specify the content in detail.

  • You are not allowed to only ask for reviews from buyers who had a positive experience.

  • You are not allowed to ask a buyer to edit or remove a negative review.

  • Amazon sellers should obey the rules and foster a sound business environment to grow their business. Make sure your business acts are under the protection of legislation.

Put a plan in place

Last but not the least; you can also answer popular product questions in a scripted version if possible. You can prepare a Q&A list of questions that most customers will ask before they review detail. This will enable shoppers to read objective answers to questions related to the product before they jump into the detailed reviews.

Make sure you optimize your reviews under the guidance of Amazon regulation and follow the above tips for Amazon review optimization. Make your own Amazon review optimization plan and use it as a resource to grow your business into a successful enterprise. We hope these tips will resolve your business problems, and help in marketing your product effectively.

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