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Gooten + Shopify - The Fulfillment Solution Your Business Needs

Frank Jackson, 02/15/2016,

The Gooten Shopify App makes it possible to easily integrate Shopify store-owners into our network of Global Print Manufacturers. We offer a diverse product catalog with low pricing, so you can sell more products, while increasing your profit margin. Our Shopify App lets you focus more on what it takes to grow your business, and less on coordinating the logistics of having your products made and fulfilled. Have your own designs printed onto high quality products. We do all the work for you. Simple, easy and reliable.

  • Great Pricing - On average 40% less than our competitors; no bulk ordering required
  • Highest Quality Products - We personally vet and sample every manufacturer we use
  • White Label Fulfillment - To your customers, it looks like you sent it

How the Gooten Shopify App Works:

When a customer orders a product from your Shopify store, the order is sent directly to our system. Our platform intelligently routes it to the best manufacturer within our network that can quickly produce and deliver to your customer.

After you download the app, here’s what you’ll need to do to:

  1. Set up your free Gooten account
  2. Add products by choosing a product type. Upload your design, adjust the color, size, and put in your markup price. Products will appear in your Shopify store.
  3. When one of your product sells it will be automatically sent through our platform to the right manufacturer who will print/ship the item.
  4. You can view the status through our Admin Panel to see when it ships. We will automatically update the order status with a tracking number, which if needed, you can send to your customers so they can track the shipment status themselves.
  5. Once you’ve set up your billing in admin you’re all set!

Increase Your Profit Margin:

With Gooten, you won’t need to hold any inventory. That means there will be no debt or overhead to worry about. We offer our partners low wholesale prices and as a result, you can increase your profit margin on the markup.

Profit = What You Sell It For - What We Charge You For

Fleece Blankets: You sell to customer $52; We charge you $27 = $25 profit for you (48% profit margin)

Hand Towels: You sell to customer for $15; We charge you $7.24 = $7.76 profit for you (51% profit margin)

T-shirts: You sell to customer for $20; We charge you $6.26 = $13.74 profit for you (68% profit margin)

Product Catalog That Continues to Grow

We know customers always want something new. We offer immediate and easy access to the widest selection of products available.

From T-Shirts to Throw Pillows, Canvases to Shower Curtains … our vendor network enables us to offer more products than our competitors.

Set up an account and go through our product catalog for products that will work for your niche. Get inspired and start selling today. It really is that easy.

Quality First

We’ve been doing this long enough to know that customers expect a certain level of quality on each product they order. We vigorously vet each vendor we bring on board to ensure we are onboarding a reliable option for you that delivers products that customers are proud to show off.

No Setup Fees:

The Gooten platform is completely free. There are no setup fees, and we only charge for the products that are ordered and manufactured.

Personalized Partner Support

In addition to the software we provide that operates your print fulfillment, we also offer dedicated partner support services that respond to any questions or assistence you need. Our pro-active support team is committed to the success of customer delivery, and responds quickly to your requests. We value each one of our partners. Work with a company that is motivated to growing your business.

White Label Fulfillment

Orders are shipped with YOUR branding. It’ll look like the product came directly from you, and customers will have no idea Gooten is even in the picture.

  • This includes a return address label with your name, address, email, phone and logo, along with a packing slip with your logo and design.
  • We also offer additional white labeling services and custom tags for garments, and stickers for other products that come at a small cost.

Go Global

Since Gooten sources the best manufacturers from around the world you can sell globally without having to worry about shipping overseas! Have your products produced and fulfilled within the countries that they’re purchased from, making it easier for your customers to buy your items without having to pay extra for them to be delivered to their country.

Technology That Simplifies Your Business

Gooten’s Shopify App is the fulfillment solution built specifically for your online business needs. Our tech solutions and logistical support allows you to reach a greater number of potential customers. We make it so simple, by downloading the app, you could technically run your business from your phone! Our software is accessible anytime from anywhere so you can spend more time on what matters the most to you. Just like our namesake, Johannes Gutenberg, we’re revolutionizing the printing industry, and making printed products available to the world.

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