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Gooten - Rebranded and Ready to Go

Frank Jackson, 02/17/2016,

Today is the official launch of our new website and the beginning of our journey as Gooten. I think there’s one feeling shared today by the entire team - ABSOLUTE ELATED JOY.

Rebranding is tough work! It took full collaboration between the creative - tech - customer support teams to get it done on time, but it’s all paid off, after seeing the fruit of our labor.

People are sometimes conflicted when it comes to change. There’s always a hint of uncertainty going from one transition to the next. Gladly in this instance, our efforts have been universally met with positive vibes.

Team Build

We’re rebranding because we feel this new identity not only better represents us as a business, but also the timing of it coincides notably with the growth of our company:

Fact: We fulfilled our one millionth order following a successful 2015 holiday sales season. Our 2015 Q4 numbers were our best yet.

Fact: We received a major vote of confidence from our investors - a bridge round of $1.35 million. WE’RE EXCITED THEY’RE EXCITED.

Fact: Our Management team has been strengthened with the appointment of Brian Rainey as CEO. The energy he’s brought to the company has been felt throughout each department. (We’ve even forgiven him for his love of Washington D.C. sports teams.)

Fact: We will immediately be bolstering our customer support team by hiring additional representatives in order to more quickly respond to partner questions, requests, and concerns.

Fact: We’re expanding to focus on 3 distinct lines of business:

  • Shopify Owners - Our Gooten Shopify App makes it possible for store-owners to easily integrate into our network of global print manufacturers.
  • Promotional Products - SWAG! Through swag you can build brand loyalty with consumers and team unity with your employees. We want to make things as easy as possible to get your swag made.
  • Tech Platform - Guided by the principles of simplicity, quality, and customer service, we will continue to improve our best-in-class Admin Panel, and JS/SDK/API platforms.

Businessman climbing

The capital we received from our investment team will allow our company to continue to deliver our promise to our partners – to provide advanced technology platforms and reliable product fulfillment.

Truth be told, the beginning of something is always the best part. Seeing Gooten take its first steps is something that each one of us who had a role in it takes great pride in. This process has united us even more so as a team, which will undoubtedly carry over in our service to our continually growing number of partners.

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