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Attending the 5th Annual Tech Day in NYC [INFOGRAPHIC]

Frank Jackson, 04/19/2016,

New York City’s Tech Day is like a holy day for us tech and startup geeks. Hailed as the largest startup event of the year with over 500 companies registered to exhibit, it’s a networking smorgasburg, and an opportunity to meet with forward-thinking types to talk up the innovative company you’re apart of.

This is the 5th anniversary of the event which features companies solving some of the largest problems in the world. The mixture of all the different types of exhibiting startups is what makes this event so interesting. It’s a chance for companies just launching to interact with those who have thoroughly established themselves, such as Uber, ZocDoc, Betterment and Gilt.

What to Expect

If you’ve ever been to a job conference or an industry trade show you basically know what to expect at Tech Day. But speaking from experience, you’ll want to mentally prepare yourself ahead of time for the tsunami of people who will be co-mingling at Pier 94. It is humans galore, with over 30,000 people expected to attend, including tech enthusiasts interested in learning about the latest trends, job-seekers looking to make a dent in the world, investors looking for the next big thing, and press covering the NYC tech scene.

Event Networking

Tech Day founder, Alec Hartman gave some backstory to the event in a recent interview saying, “I founded TechDay in 2012 when the tech community in NYC was really just starting to gain some steam. My objective was to connect startups so we can highlight what we we’re working on to press, investors and potential hires.”

Tech Day also has some pretty exciting events lined up.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an Emmy Award winning TV show that gives people from all walks of life the chance to chase the American dream, and potentially secure business deals that could make them millionaires.

They’re hosting an open call where you will be given the opportunity to do a 1-minute pitch of your business/product/idea to a member of the Casting Team – just like you would as if you were on the show.

Accelerator Alley

Accelerator Alley will be devoted to 30 of the top accelerators who help thrust startups forward. Impressive accelerators like 500 Startups, Startup Bootcamp and Mass Challenge will all be in attendance as they hope to help startups reach their full potential.

Live Demo Stages

This year also includes the debut of two live demo stages, which will give companies the opportunity to promote their products and provide attendees with an inside look at the latest in innovation. It is the perfect way for companies to show the community what they are working on and to create a ton of buzz around their products.

Come See Gooten

We will be tweeting our booth location once we arrive at Tech Day in the morning. We would love to meet with anyone interested in knowing how we’re using technology and dedicated customer support to revolutionize the print fulfillment industry. Come get to know us, and share with us what it is you’re passionate about, or just come over to hang out, we promise we’re friendly people.

New York City is fast surpassing Silicon Valley as the tech hub of the world. We can’t wait for Tech Day and we’re looking forward to connecting with as many of the 30,000 as possible.

NYC vs Silicon Valley

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