6 TechDay Moments To Remember

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Gooten at TechDay

TechDay has come and gone, and this year’s event was truly one for the startup ages. Billed as the largest startup event of the year, it did not disappoint, as the line to get into Pier 94 was epic from morning to afternoon. We came - we saw - we exchanged business cards. Here are 6 moments from TechDay that will stay with us.

The Networking Frenzy

Networking Frenzy

TechDay was a good day for extroverts, and two of our Gooten warriors lost their voices the next day from basically having to talk non-stop all day. We had all types of visitors - tech enthusiasts, investors, press, entrepreneurs - and finding out what they were into was a part of the fun. It seemed like each person we talked to offered its own type of opportunity, which I believe is pretty much the whole point of what TechDay stands for. It was exciting and invigorating to talk with so many innovators taking on some really ambitious projects.

RIP Prince

RIP Prince

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the news about one of music’s most famous innovators passing away on the same day as TechDay. It came up in about 95% of our conversations, and was unfortunately a sad icebreaker of the day. Respect to one of the greatest of all time.

TechDay … Got Weird

Robot at TechDay

(photo credit: www.builtinnyc.com)

The startup crowd in general tends to lean opposite to that of a buttoned-down corporate culture, so it was no surprise that the event inspired some “interesting” exhibits, props and costumes. Seeing robots, pirates, and others wearing shark masks walking from exhibit to exhibit helped define the spirit of TechDay. It makes sense, the idea at these type of events is to stand out, and companies that brought fully costumed mascots certainly did.

Getting to Show Off Our Swag

Since we’re in the swag and promotional item business, we knew we had to bring our A-game for TechDay. We busted out all the stops - beer koozies, notebooks, journals, water bottles, hats, portable phone chargers, pens that shot freaking laser beams out of them! Not to brag but we were feeling the love …

One of our favorite visitors was Kimberly Gantz from Atypical Sounds a company that provides music and media platforms for artists in several independent genres. She was a big fan of the pens, and kind enough to name us the MVP of TechDay. We’ll be keeping an eye on her company which sounds like it could blow up (in a good way) at any point this year.

Running Into Customers

TechDay clients

Our affiliation with the folks at TechDay put us in touch with many exhibitors beforehand who ended up buying swag promotional items from us, and it was great seeing their stuff on display. Many of them made their way over to our booth to say hello, and had wonderful things to say about the look and quality of the products we got them. It was great to have that type of personal contact with customers that we normally don’t get to receive, and hearing how our service was able to make their day a success.

Building Camaraderie With the NYC Tech Community

It was especially gratifying to be apart of the TechDay event, knowing that NYC is fast becoming the epicenter of the world for startup tech companies making it big.

NYC vs Silicon Valley

We look forward to catching up soon with all the friends we made on the progress of their own endeavors. These type of events go a long way toward uniting the community, and inspiring us all toward greater heights. Here’s looking at you, TechDay, let’s do this again next year!