Why Adding Throw Pillows to Your eCommerce Store Makes Sense

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Throw pillows

Throw pillows. They’re no longer the forgotten step-child of the pillow family. These days, everyone and their mama (especially my mama), are finding more and more ways to incorporate throw pillows into their home decor.

It’s simple, the way to sell more, is to reach more people. The way to reach more people, is to sell a variety of products that appeal to various demographics. Here’s why people love throw pillows, and why adding them to your Shopify or Etsy store makes sense.

How Do We Love Throw Pillows – Let Twitter Count the Ways

Throw pillows make a statement. And that statement is, “I have class. Lots of it. And I welcome your envy.”

Designing custom throw pillows is as easy as uploading an image and clicking a few buttons on the computer. Gooten’s platform enables your ecommerce business to dropship custom-designed throw pillows to your customers all over the world. You could literally drink wine while making decorative throw pillows.

The key to comedy is timing…. and throw pillows. Throw pillows CAN BE hilarious.

Decorating your home is good ol’ plain’ ol’ fashioned fun. Adding throw pillows to the mix is another dimension to home decor.

Throw pillows aren’t just for decoration. When utilized properly, they optimize comfort.

Need help setting the mood of your room? Throw pillows GOT YOU!

You’re not a true adult unless you enter the world of throw pillows. It’s the ultimate sign of maturity.

It’s easy to shake up the look of your home by rearranging your plethora of throw pillows.

Uhhh this is a great idea! #trendingsoon

Think outside the box. Actually think outside the home. Throw pillows can make your outdoor space quite lovely.

There’s no such thing as too many throw pillows. The market for them is capital E-normous.

The ideal decorative pillow does more than simply look good. It should add visual interest to your room, showcasing your personality. If you need a statement piece, a pillow is an easy way to add drama, color, and pattern instantly.

Rather than having a pillow from Target that everyone and their mama has, (including my mama) people love to hunt down an amazing custom design that feels totally fresh and adds something unique and exciting to their sofa.

For information on how you can add custom throw pillows to your online store contact us through partnersupport@gmail.com for assistance.