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Wanted: Designers Looking to Make Money

Frank Jackson, 06/13/2016,

What’s an artist got to do to make money these days? The simple answer to that – is it can’t be done alone. Gooten realizes this, which is why our primary goal is to empower creative entrepreneurs to monetize their talent and passion.

We created the Make Your Case promotion with this goal in mind. Very simply, we’re giving $1,000 to whomever can promote and sell the most phone cases from until July 20th, based on their own unique design for the case. Everyone who participates wins though, because everyone will get 100% of the profit from everything they sell!

How It Works

Using the Shopify platform, we will be offering every participant’s case design. Every designer is encouraged to promote their own case design, and we’ll promote the store page, where visitors can decide which case they wish to purchase.

You’ll receive a mockup of your phone along with your store URL page that you can promote through your social media channels, or whatever other ways you can imagine. Your profit for each phone case sold is $10. So if you sell 50 cases, that’s an easy $500. There are no deductions, so you keep the entire profit.

There is no fee for entry and no elaborate sign up process. Simply go to the Make Your Case website, submit your name, and respond to our email with an attachment of your design. We want to make this as easy and non-intrusive for you as possible.

You Have Nothing to Lose, and Everything to Gain (Keep)

Contest entry

As a creative type, you’re constantly looking for ways to share your artwork. As an entrepreneur, or someone interested in putting food on the table, you’re constantly looking for avenues to financially support your passion.

This contest is a great no-risk opportunity. It’s going to be fun and – the even greater part for you – is it is going to be profitable. With no entry fee, no inventory costs, our only hope is this contest shows you exactly how easy it is for you to monetize your creativity.

This is your chance to test out that great new design you’ve been working on and seeing first-hand people’s reaction.

Collect all the profits from your sales —–> Contend for the additional $1,000 prize —–> Get your name out there on a greater scale through your promotion

As is our way, Gooten will be there throughout the race providing support and tips for how to drive more fans to your page via social media and offline hacks. We succeed when you succeed, and we sincerely hope you’ll be as excited to be a part of this contest as we are.


Contest will conclude July 20th. All participants will be notified of the winner shortly after.


Participants create and sell their own cell phone case design. Whomever sells the most cases by June 20th wins $1,000. Participants will also earn all the profit from their sales regardless of whether they win the competition.

  • To level the competition, all cases will be sold for $22. The product cost is $12 which means for every case you sell, you earn a profit of $10. We will contact you to provide your information for payment (PayPal, Check or ACH) after your first case is sold.


  • Enter the contest
  • Email your design to as a png or jpg file (1500x2100p@300dpi)
  • 1 design per participant
  • Include a Product description that will be displayed along with your case
    * Limit: 50 words
  • Gooten will create your product page within the Make Your Case Shopify store for iPhone (5-6plus and 6PlusS), Samsung (S5-S6 and Note) phones. * Each case offers glossy and matte finishes for customers to pick from
  • We will then email you a mockup image of the case along with a unique URL link to your product page for you to promote
  • Winner of the $1,000 prize will be notified after 30 days via email and announced across Gooten’s social media channels

For more information on who Gooten is and the service we provide, visit our FAQs or email

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