How Gooten's Dropshipping Network Lets You Test New Shopify Products

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Gooten is your bridge to success

What is your bridge to success?

Every business thrives on its ability to test new product ideas and implement new approaches to marketing. What holds people back is fear, often due to the possibility of creating a financial hole that will become tough to climb out of.

This is a problem Gooten has specifically set out to solve for our eCommerce and Shopify entrepreneurs.

Gooten makes dropshipping easy

The greatest benefit of dropshipping is that it allows storeowners to jump immediately into eCommerce without having to manage any inventory.

Each item you sell through Shopify is made on-demand, which means there are no costs upfront. This cuts down on your risk considerably, and allows you the freedom to experiment with your ideas.

Test Designs on Different Products

Your latest design that struck out when put on a mug, may resonate better on a tote bag. There’s only one way to find out. The more you experiment putting designs on different products, the more likely you are to find the eventual sweet spot that connects with niche audiences.

Change With the Seasons

Holidays and changing from one season to the next makes the perfect time to introduce a new product to your catalog. You can even look to sports for inspiration. Is there a team or player making headlines? Has Linsanity returned? Will this be the year the Cubs finally win the World Series? Why not capitalize on what’s topical by incorporating them in your latest designs.

Location, Location, Location

Connecting with Gooten makes it easier for you to create custom designs for people based on location. People from Pittsburgh say “yinz” instead of “y’all” so it’s become popular for locals to refer to themselves as “yinzers.” You could have a whole “yinzer” line and message certain products to target this specific region. The more research you do, the more you will find areas all over the world that have their own special ways of identifying.

Give the People What They Want

Pay attention to questions from potential customers about your product offering. Chances are if someone from your audience is looking for a certain product, others are doing the same. If you’re not sure what your customers want, try sending out surveys to your customer database and engage them directly.

Gooten is the dropshipping solution for Shopify users

The more products you add to your store, the greater the audience, the greater your sales. Gooten is your partner in every sense of the word. We’re here to help you grow your business. No-risk and everyone wins. Gooten is your bridge to success!

The right dropshipping solution can open your business up to a host of opportunities. Get started by creating a free account and start selling more products today.