The Gooten Shopify App: Updated For Your Approval

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We are very happy to announce that we have released an update to our Shopify App that includes a lot of changes everyone will appreciate. Most notably we:

  • Fixed all product previews so images are now generated at a size of 1000px.
  • All of the images our partners have previously imported through the Shopify App will automatically be increased to the 1000px size.
  • Improved image upload speeds so most product previews are generated in less than 2 seconds.
  • Changed the user flow to make your experience adding and connecting products more enjoyable.

The first major change you’ll see is when you first log into the Shopify app within the Gooten admin panel, you will only see your Gooten connected SKUs.We’ve also added color to the “Add New Product” button make it more noticeable.

Gooten Shopify App

After selecting the “Add New Product” button you will be given 2 options:

  • Add a new product
  • Connect a product from my existing store

From here, you will be directly sent to the SKU selection page instead of being asked to add your image first.

Gooten Shopify Admin

  • When you get to the Bulk Image Add page you’ll see that the layout has improved:

Gooten Bulk Image Add

  • When bulk adding an image, if all of the image requirements are the same size you only need to crop the picture once instead of for every SKU.

  • If the image requirements are different, you will need to crop each image individually.

If you need to edit the layout of the image you uploaded, the new preview generator now shows what the image will look on the product itself and not a blank white space. If you hover over the image with your mouse, a help text comes up prompting you how to crop the image.

  • If using a laptop, you would crop by pinching or zooming on the mouse map.
  • If using a mouse, the scroll button will allow you to zoom in or out of the image.

Gooten Shopify App guide

If you have uploaded an image with incorrect ratios, you will receive a warning notification and will be prompted to change all image sizes so there are no ratio warnings. Orders will not be able to be submitted if the ratio does not meet the required specifications.

Gooten Shopify mockup

We are taking huge steps to improve our Shopify App, and this is only the beginning. If you have any questions about the new version of Shopify or run into any issues, please email