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Announcing the Winner of the $1,000 Make Your Case Contest: Sponsored by Gooten

Frank Jackson, 08/01/2016,

The designs were made. The promos sent out. And now the results are in.

In July, we ran a contest for designers. The rules were simple. We offered a $1,000 prize to whomever could sell the most phone cases based on their own unique design. In addition, contestants made $10 for every case they sold. We created a Shopify store for the entire collection, and gave each participant their own URL to promote.

We wish to give props to all our participants in the Make Your Case contest. But as Highlander has so poignantly taught us:

There can be only one

Here’s a rundown of the top 5 designers who were able to sell the most, including the winner of our $1,000 prize.

5. So It Goes

I have to admit, as a huge Kurt Vonnegut fan, I was silently rooting for this one. I have a feeling the great humanist himself would have been flattered by this lovely homage, and if still alive, may have bought one himself! So it goes…

Kurt Vonnegut

4. Twin Towers

Speaking of a lovely homage, this one resonated with us New Yorkers in a powerful way. Our new office space is in the Financial District of New York City, where we now face the Freedom Tower, a testimony to the resilience of New York City. This case won points for its poignancy and beauty.

Twin Towers

3. New York

Not to make this entirely about us, but the area we moved FROM was the Flatiron District, where I had the privilege of looking at the gorgeous Flatiron Building on a daily basis. Seeing this case come through the contest brought a smile to all our faces, here and certainly a smile to anyone smart enough to make a purchase.

New York

2. Sushi Rock’n’Roll

Plain to see why this one was a crowd favorite, and a close runner-up to the prize. A combination of a fun and funky design, as well as appealing to the large community of sushi enthusiasts, this case was for anyone looking to shake it up.

Sushi Bro

1. Frusta Bag

A quick glance through Samantha Forsyth’s Instagram page tells you everything you need to know about her talents as a designer. In addition, she instituted several key promotional tactics that we’ll be mentioning in our follow-up feature article highlighting her marketing savvy. There’s two parts to being a successful Artrepreneur - the artistic inclination and the dedication to business. Samantha has it all! Stay tuned for that article to pick up some tips you might not have been aware of. Congrats Samantha, don’t spend it all in one place!

Frusta Bag

We plan on keeping the Make Your Case store open, so check out the Shopify store, and keep supporting these amazingly talented hard-working Artrepreneurs. Gooten’s primary goal is to empower creative entrepreneurs to monetize their talent and passion. We had a wonderful time interacting with a collection of great designers, and wish all participants best of luck in their future plans to … take over the world! One phone case at a time.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can sell custom products through Gooten using your own creative designs, simply reach out to and one of our happy customer support agents will take good care of you.

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