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Profiles in eCourage: The Artsy Girl Studio

Frank Jackson, 08/05/2016,

In May of this year, Monica Martin, the Artrepreneur behind The Artsy Girl Studio, celebrated her fifth year in business. She has a story similar to many others that use our platform, one of diligence, hard work, and ultimately, pride in the journey that being a creative entrepreneur has taken her.

“I would say I am most proud of the fact that I have been able to diversify and recreate myself throughout the years,” she told us. “I created The Artsy Girl Studio to showcase my mixed media artwork. I have since become a licensed artist for several wholesale and retailers.”

In five years her operating space has evolved from a loft table, to a kitchen table, to the garage, and then came a co-op studio space in Downtown San Diego she shared with five other creative entrepreneurs.

After the lease ended there, she moved back to her own studio at Liberty Station, and upon moving back to North San Diego County, she settled into a small studio on Main Street in Vista.

“The initial financial outlay was the hardest part of establishing my business. As the saying goes, ‘it takes money to make money.’”

Slogan of the Artsy Girl Studio

To help launch her ideas, she got to work expanding her business and marketing knowledge through online classes, and reading every newsletter she could, while taking notes with whatever she felt could help her grow personally and professionally.

She began licensing her own work in 2013, and in 2015 she started her own line of greeting cards using her own original designs. As of today, she has created over 365 printable pieces of artwork in her portfolio.

Her artwork is inspired by the vibrant colors of her surroundings. She developed a love of art as far back as she can remember, with the simplest of supplies.

“I consider myself a lifelong learner, so I am always gathering ideas, sketching, and taking art inspired classes. I feel that the right words can inspire positive action, so I often include a quote or phrase on my work.”

She eventually wanted to expand her products to home decor, so she began using Gooten to dropship high quality products for her customers.

“Gooten has given me the opportunity to expand my product line immensely. I am able to create a product photo for my customers to see and choose from. It gives me an even more professional representation in the industry.”

“I mostly order greeting cards, art prints and pillows. My favorite thing about Gooten is the ease of placing an order. It is really simple.”

Water colors of the Artsy Girl Studio

Throw Pillows of the Artsy Girl Studio

Cards of the Artsy Girl Studio

Art is a unique talent and all artists should understand that their gift is a valuable commodity. There should be nothing stopping anyone from making their passion their profit. The Artsy Girl Studio is a great example of how far a little belief, and a healthy dose of dedication to craft and business can take you.

“My overall goal for my business would be to continue to expand my product line in my Etsy shop as well as on my website. The more products I can offer, the better.”

After five years it sounds like she knows exactly what she wants, and through ecommerce and dropshipping, exactly how she can do it. We are honored to have The Artsy Girl Studio among our group of talented and inspiring partners.

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