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Gooten's Shipping Cut Off Dates for the Holiday Season

Frank Jackson, 10/01/2016,

As the holiday season quickly approaches, many of you have already reached out to us for information regarding cut off dates for Christmas delivery. Please find information below that you can plan your marketing around.

  • All international orders should be submitted by 12/1

  • Bedding & bath products as well as all totes, should be placed by 12/8 for standard shipments, 12/14 for expedited

  • All apparel products should be placed by 12/11 for standard shipments, 12/14 for expedited

  • Canvas Wraps should be placed by 12/9 for standard shipping and 12/14 for expedited

  • The majority of our remaining products should be ordered by 12/9 for standard shipping, 12/14 for expedited shipping and 12/16 for overnight shipping.

If you have questions about cut off dates for specific products that were not listed, please email

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