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Time to Add Calendars to Your Online Store

Vladimir Sumina, 10/15/2016,

The past few years around the holiday season, we’ve noticed a huge increase in orders for calendars. There’s good reason for this:

  • It’s the end of year so old calendars need replaced
  • They make great office gifts
  • They work well across many various niche customer segments - sports fans, music lovers, yoga-minded-serenity-now-picturesque-landscape dreamers, etc

Wall and desk calendars aren’t only for the Luddites among us, or the print affectionados left in the world. There are many reasons why a tangible calendar beats out the one on your phone or computer:

1) An electronic device can lose its signal, lose its charge, get its programming messed up by a glitch and display false data. You don’t have to worry about any of those problems with a calendar – simply hang it on your wall, or place it on your desk, and you’re good to go. No electricity – no problem. No WiFi – an issue paper doesn’t concern itself with. The best part – you update it yourself, once a month, by flipping over a page!

2) Like any book lover knows, having all your favorite reading material on a light, easy to carry electronic reader seems simpler than lugging them around with you. But still, nothing beats the feel of real paper on your fingers. Marking off days to an important date on a calendar yourself with a pen, instead of just lightly pressing a button, can give you a real feeling of accomplishment. It makes the passage of time, with all its assorted deadlines, birthdays, anniversaries, somehow more real and easier to remember and keep track of.

3) It allows you to present pictures of your family, pets, friends, and important moments of your professional and personal life in a natural, unassuming way, without shoving them into peoples faces. Have your walls and desks decorated exactly how you like, and smile whenever you look up from your computer screen to double-check the date.

The numbers don’t lie, calendars are a great holiday seller, so we suggest adding these items to your store in time for the holiday shopping frenzy.

To help you even further, we’ve lowered our standard shipping price for calendars, and for the first time added expedited, overnight, and international shipping options as well.

Wall Calendars

Add Wall Calendars to your online store

  • Gooten production cost $10.80
  • 9.5w x 17.25h, 14 pages
  • White, eggshell finished 120lb. Paper

Desk Calendars

Add Desk Calendars to your online store

  • Gooten production cost $10.44
  • 15w x 4.5h, 14 pages
  • White, eggshell finished 120lb paper. Coils intersect top ½ inch of each page

So, to sum up, while technology is, and will continue to be an ever-expanding facet of our lives, it still hasn’t advanced to the point where it can completely replicate the dependability of a quality calendar. Maybe it never will. But, what is certain is that with holidays just around the corner, our calendars make a thoughtful personal gift and a great addition to your online store.

Let us know if we can help connecting calendars to your store today!

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