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How to Boost Your Online Sales This Valentine's Day

Frank Jackson, 01/19/2017,

For some, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, intimacy and passion. For others, a last minute frantic why-do-I-always-put-off-everything-last-second shopping frenzy. For ecommerce entrepreneurs, it can be a great opportunity to boost your sales.

Online businesses are dominating retail as more and more people prefer the ease of researching online to make purchasing decisions. There is plenty of scope to make a name for your business online and market through social media. Here are some ways that you can make the most of Facebook and Instagram to promote your business products before February 14th.

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Thanks to the various online platforms, freebies don’t necessarily have to be materialistic things. You can use Facebook and Instagram to post an image of something romantic, a love quote, or an inspirational love scene from a famous movie. With this image, you can then create backlinks to your product and your website. This creates more and more traffic towards your website, by drawing in the right type of target audience for your products. Get creative with your images and even upload some hand-drawn ones to really set yourself apart from the crowd.

Create a Valentine’s Hashtag

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Instagram is all about the hashtags and the ease of sharing your Insta pics to your Facebook page is a real win for businesses. Create a standout hashtag that reflects your business, your products, and your values. The more images you post and share with this hashtag, the better known it will become. Remember, you want something lovey and unique that really catches people’s eyes.

Sell the Right Products

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Obviously, your online store needs to have really thoughtful, memorable, and affordable products for Valentine’s Day. You need to know your target audience and your demographic. If you’re using social media, the Millennial Generation is your best bet. Find things that are cute, quirky, and say love without saying too much else to grab their attention. Check out the Gooten Catalog for more inspiration on great Valentine’s Day products to add to your store.

Have an Online Competition and Giveaways

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Everyone loves some contest and freebies offered at the end. This is a great way to gain a large following and get some loyal customers. Social media is an excellent way to create competitive campaigns. Your giveaways can be things ranging from material products to inspirational gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Although Valentine’s Day is only one day in February, you really want to plan ahead and make the most of the time leading up to the day. This way you can boost your sales and gain a steady following. The earlier you plan ahead, the better reputation you can gain online and then be increasingly popular for those last minute shoppers.

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