Getting Started With the Gooten Shopify App

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Get started dropshipping today with the Gooten Shopify App

The Gooten Shopify App is everything you need to design products, add them to your store, and drop ship orders right to your customers on-demand.

By using Gooten you have the freedom to create, test, and experiment with new products with zero risk and without having to manage inventory.

Let’s get you started by outlining the 3 easy steps to creating products and adding them to your store.

1. Pick a Product

With 100+ high-quality products available, you’ll have plenty to choose from to find your next top-seller. Browse through products by category, and subcategories, or start with the ones we recommend most in our Best-Seller category.

Gooten's Bestsellers

Gooten Tip: Learn more about the product

Filter through variants such as size, style, color, packaging or other attributes that apply to your product.

Browse Product Varients

Gooten Tip: Selecting Your SKU

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit, and is an alphanumeric code that we assign to a product based on the variants you select and can be used to track inventory. Below we selected the Gildan 2000 tee in three different colors with print on the front only which creates 20 product variants.

Stock Keeping Units

2. Next Comes Design

Whether you’ve got a catchy slogan or a gripping design, it’s time to add your own bit of creativity to your product. Here you can find a full list of our product bleed specs so you know just how to format your images for the best print results. We also now show the bleed area and safe zone area as you design your product, which will save you a lot of back and forth time.

Gooten Tip: Adding Images to SKUs

Upload your saved design from your files and choose the SKUs you want to apply it to. If you have multiple variants to upload your image to, you can use our Bulk Image Add button which will upload your image to all your variants at once.

Adding images to SKUs

Gooten Tip: Using our Image Editor

Change the orientation, adjust the size, play around with the features of our tool and edit your design to fit your desired print area. Make sure none of your SKUs have image ratio warnings. If they do, you can click the Edit button and increase or decrease your image size for that variant. Take one final look at your image to be sure you have the design aligned correctly the way you want it.

Using our image editor

3. Publish and Start Selling

Set your pricing, write up your unique product description, choose the categories you want your customers to see, Save and Publish and voila! You now have a new product ready to make you money.

Publish and start selling

Gooten Tip: Editing Your Product Images

If you want to make any further edits to your Product images that are displayed in your store, you would do so within your Shopify account.

Publish and start selling

Help Is Here

If you need any assistance our Partner Support team, (who also maintains a great FAQ page) can be reached directly via:

  • Email: – Available Mon-Sun, 5am-4pm EST –

  • Live Chat Support: Simply login to Gooten and click the round message icon located in the lower right-hand corner – Available Mon-Fri, 5am-4pm EST –

Please let us know whatever help we can provide, we are dedicated to your success, and excited to welcome you on as our partner!