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The Gooten Gazette: What’s New and Happening in E-commerce, Dropshipping, and Print On-Demand

Frank Jackson, 10/04/2017,

It’s a BIG internet out there, which is why we’ve taken on the heroic task of condensing it down for you by highlighting some of the recent news, happenings, going-ons, tips and tricks to inform and inspire.

Of course, sometimes news falls in the cracks that we didn’t see, so please add your favorite article of the week in the comments below and let’s strike up some conversation!

Howwwwllll are Your Halloween Promotions Going? (Pun intended!)

We’re getting into the Halloween spirit around here and we encourage you to browse through the variety of products we offer and add some seasonal items to your store.

Whether it’s cards for party invites or spooooky tapestries customers can use as party backdrops, we have 100+ items for you to check out that can inspire your next Halloween or Fall promotional campaign.

Here’s a concept idea for you … Avocado Ghost … feel free to do whatever you want with that.

Check Out the Catalog

What’s Up in Shopify-Land?

Shopify is always looking out for their store-owners and rolled out some great news this week. As a part of their mission to power the future of commerce they’ve now made available “Shopping on Instagram” to many more thousands of merchants before the 2017 holiday season.

In this new rollout, merchants selected by Instagram and Shopify will be able to start tagging their posts with products in Instagram’s apps to showcase to their over 800 million monthly active users.

Shopify notes that Instagram is already a “significant” driver of Shopify merchant store traffic, so being able to convert said traffic right on the platform instead of round-tripping could result in a big boost of additional sales.

Find Out How You Can Be Selected

Get Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Engines Ready

Don’t let the two biggest shopping days of the year sneak up on you. Make sure you check out Shopify’s toolbox on everything you need to prep your store to take full advantage of the rush of traffic that will be coming your way this holiday season.

Vroom Vroom!

Amazon Keyword Ch-Ch-Ch-anges

Amazon recently confirmed Seller Central backend keywords are now limited to 250 characters in total for the Amazon US and Amazon EU marketplaces. This means backend keywords that exceed the limit prescribed by Amazon will no longer be indexed. If you’re looking for a great article on how to optimize your backend keywords to improve organic rankings then look no further.

Read All About It

Hey, Isn’t Gooten Offering New iPhone Cases Now?

Why, yes we are and I’m so glad you asked! We’re doing everything we can to make attractive store-owners such as yourself aware of the amazing, high-quality, Made-In-the-U-S-of-A iPhone 8 and 8 Plus cases that we now offer (iPhone X cases coming soon). Check out our post about it and learn everything you need to add them to your store and kick off your next campaign.

Gooten Has Your Back

This Week in Millennials

Goodbye dusty pink. Hello teal!

It’s no secret that “millennials” are continuously eager for the next cool trend. Right now it appears teal is the new trending color in home decor. Is it time to teal-ize your products?

Tap Into the Millenial Mind

What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say

Your service to your customers is your unique differentiator. Here are some great ideas on how to respond on some common issues in dropshipping such as how to respond to return requests, delays in shipping, setting up your own comprehensive FAQs, and suggestions on tools that can help ease your burden.

Tighten Up Your CS Game

The Art of FOMO

Everyone’s been reading this article on incorporating FOMO into your customer loyalty strategy and if you don’t you might regret it.

Don’t Miss Out On This One

Work + Life = Balance

How is your work + life balance equation these days? The fine people from Design Sponge have a great article with tips (nice) flowcharts (yay!) and motivation (give it to me!!!) that will help guide you in the art of self-care and how to find time to pursue enrichment in life to balance out the stress of business.

Find Your Balance

Your Dose of Funny

Are you a design-geek or know someone in your life who has perhaps a disproportionate affection for fonts and typography? Well this SNL skit from last week – “Papyrus” – was made for you.

Watch Now


Back in June Ian Spalter, Head of Design at Instagram gave a great talk on why designers “should work like comedians” and he explains the what the difference between good laughs and bad laughs equate to in design. For Designers, Ecommerce Marketers, and Entrepreneurs alike, it’s well worth the view.

Watch Now

Again, if you’ve got a great article to share please post it in the comments, we’re always eager to discuss the latest and greatest in e-commerce and dropshipping!

Have a wonderful week of selling, and we’ll catch up again with you next week.

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