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Gooten Gazette: Pink Products and Charity Edition

Frank Jackson, 10/11/2017,

This has been a hard month for many people around the world, with the tragedy in Las Vegas and the various storms and hurricanes that have damaged homes and disrupted lives. Our heart breaks for those undergoing the toughest of times; however, it’s been heartening to see so many willing to reach out, lend a hand, and provide whatever type of support they can.

In the spirit of giving, October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with many businesses running donation campaigns and doing their part to spread the word about the importance of early detection.

Skreened, one of our partners, recently finished a week-long campaign where they contributed over $1,000 of their sales to the amazing Susan G. Koman Organization.

Inspired (as we often are) by the passion of our partners, we decided that if our partners are running any type of charity campaigns in the month of October, we will set aside $2,500 and contribute an added 5% of what you donate to the organization you support.

We value a strong community and believe in the idea that many hands lightens the load. By standing together, every gesture adds up to making real differences in people’s lives.

Please let us know about the cause you’re supporting, and we would love to be apart of it.

Now, here is our regular roundup of articles, news, and tips we came across this week to help provide you with a little inspiration.

Pink Products on Pinterest

If you’re looking for creative ideas for your own Pink Products campaign, we suggest you head over to the Breast Cancer Awareness board on Pinterest and familiarize yourself with some of the artwork and slogans others have created. It’ll give you a great overview and just may provide inspiration for your next phone case, throw pillow, t-shirt, or other trendy product you wish to add to your store.

Get Inspired Today

A Webinar Worth Its Weight

The fine people at BounceX are teaming up with the equally fine people from Shopify Plus on Friday, October 20th for a Black Friday webinar on how to organize your website for managing all the different kinds of holiday traffic you’ll receive. They’ll include strategies and messaging tweaks you can make to ensure unity and customer focus right until the end. These next three months are your biggest opportunities to drive traffic to your store and this webinar is a great way to help get all your holiday ducks in a row.


Skills Are Good

Skillshare is an online learning community for creators, and comes highly recommended from Krista, Gooten’s Director of Design, (you’ll meet her in our blog scheduled for next week). With main categories in Design, Entrepreneurship, Creative Arts, and Technology, and notable instructors that include Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Marc Ecko, you’ll learn from the pros about what it takes to build and grow your online brand.

(P.S. - I’m trying to get Krista to title her recurring blog entries as Krista’s Korner, but thus far she’s resisting me, please email to convince her to take my side.)

Level Up Your Skillz

Speaking of Seth Godin…

Wouldn’t you love to know what Seth Godin (publisher of 18 books and generally regarded as one the best marketing minds alongside David Ogilvy or Tim Ferriss) would do if he had a $1,000 budget, 90 days to be successful, and couldn’t use his name to promote a new business idea? This very detailed post provides first-hand insight from the man himself on what he considers to be the most important principles on how to market products today that truly connect with your audience.

Get Into the Mind of Godin

Getting More From Facebook Ads

Understanding the ins and outs of Facebook Ad targeting is one of the most important areas for e-commerce entrepreneurs to master. This week a slideshare put together by Jason Lauritzen went mini-viral throughout the dropshipping world. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the advertising options within Facebook, or could just use some fresh ideas, do yourself a favor and click through this engaging slideshare on targeting, creating custom audiences, setting up campaign structures, best practices on ad creation, running tests and much more.

Dropship Some Facebook Knowledge on Yourself

What’s Hot Now

Last week’s discussion on Dusty Pink vs. Teal as the new-hot-it-color sparked debate around our office and we’re certain… around the world. Not to throw gasoline on a fire but this article from Apartment Therapy came out this week alreadying annointing the 2018 color of the year. We won’t ruin the surprise. Let’s just say it’s muy caliente.

Get in the Know

Partner Spotlight - Ideas by Arianna

Gooten's Partner Spotlight

Ever want to quit your job, follow your passion, and travel the world? If you think it’s too crazy of an idea then we have just the article for you, as we showcased the path taken by the successful storeowner behind Ideas by Arianna, who recently had her Gooten-produced Yoga mats featured in Forbes. See how the possibilities behind dropshipping and print on-demand can open up a whole new world of opportunities for you.

Look Into the Spotlight

Until next time, we hope you have a wonderful week ahead, and we look forward to taking great care of all the orders you send our way!

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