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Building a Better Gooten: Our Guide to Your New Features

Frank Jackson, 10/23/2017,

When you’re a busy e-commerce entrepreneur running your business, you don’t have time for a clunky interface slowing you down.

So you spoke, and we listened.

Over the past year, we heard from hundreds of our partners, who helped us understand how we could make using Gooten simpler and more enjoyable.

We brought on an amazing team of designers, product managers, and developers who did the research, the surveys, the interviews, and asked all sorts of questions internally about how we could provide a better way for you to create, design, and store products.

Once you get acquainted with the new Gooten Hub, we believe you’ll love it.

Here’s our guide to all that is new and improved.

A Fresh New Look

Many wonderful artists and designers are Gooten partners, so getting the user interface right was critical. Our Design team was inspired by the talented and passionate store-owners we’ve gotten to know, and wanted to include design features into the platform that speak to their art and creativity.

We hope these elements make working with the Gooten platform more enjoyable.

New Features

The biggest component of our redesign, is the creation of the Gooten Hub! When you login to your account, you’ll see the Hub tab, which is where you will create and store all your products.

  • For Shopify store-owners, this is now where you can manage the Published and Unpublished products you have created and designed.

  • If you use our Simple Order Form, the Storage area of the Hub replaces what used to be called Print Ready Products.

  • Our API/Widget/SDKs partners will experience no changes.

Our latest update makes creating products on our platform simple and user-friendly. You’ll notice better control and easier use of our editing tools ultimately reducing the time it takes for you to design and create products.


An added feature for partners who use our Simple Order Form (or anyone who used the Print Ready Products tab) is that you can now save created products in a new area called Storage, located inside the Hub. This allows for easy use next time you want to order the same product.

For store-owners, your Storage is your inventory of products that you create and can save for a later time.

Product Creation

We’ve revamped our product creation tools to create a simpler, more intuitive experience that eases the design process.

1. Pick a Product

With 100+ high-quality products available, you’ll have plenty to choose from to find your next top-seller. Browse through products by category, and subcategories, or start with the ones we recommend most in our Best Sellers category.

Gooten's Bestsellers

Gooten Tip: Learn more about the product

Filter through variants such as size, style, color, or other attributes that apply to your product.

Browse Product Varients

Gooten Tip: Selecting Your SKU

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit, and is an alphanumeric code that we assign to a product based on the variants you select and can be used to track inventory. Below we selected the 3415 Bella Unisex Triblend Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee.

Stock Keeping Units

2. Design Comes Next

Whether you’ve got a catchy slogan or popping design, it’s time to add your own bit of creativity to your product. Save our product bleed specs so you know just how to format your images for the best print results. We also now show the bleed area and safe zone area as you design your product, which will save you a lot of back and forth time.

Gooten Tip: Adding Images to SKUs

Upload your saved design from your files and choose the SKUs you want to apply it to. If you have multiple variants to upload your image to, you can use our Bulk Image Add button which will upload your image to all your variants at once.

Adding images to SKUs

Gooten Tip: Using our Image Editor

Play around with the features of our tool and edit your design to fit your desired print area. Make sure none of your SKUs have image ratio warnings. If they do, you can click the Edit button and increase or decrease your image size for that variant. Take one final look at your image to be sure you have the design aligned correctly the way you want it.

Using our image editor

3. Publish and Start Selling

Set your pricing, write up your unique product description, choose the categories you want your customers to see, Save and Publish and voila! You now have a new product ready to make you money.

Publish and start selling

Help Is Here

If you need any assistance our Partner Support team, (who also maintains a great FAQ page) can be reached directly via:

  • Email: – Available Mon-Sun, 5am-5pm EST –

  • Live Chat Support: Simply login to Gooten and click the round message icon located in the lower right-hand corner – Available Mon-Fri, 5am-5pm EST –

More Time For You

Have you thought about what you could do if you could put more time into your business and brand?

Whether its planning your next creative promotions or building a new campaign to tap into new audiences with fresh products, our hassle-free product creation and inventory tools will enable you to do more in less time.

With over 2.5 million order items delivered through our worldwide network, we now have best-in-class product creation and store management tools to go along with the trendy products we offer, and the friendly support team standing by to help you grow your business.

Get started today, and let us know what you think of the new Gooten Hub.

Try Out Our New Features

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