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[UPDATES] Flat Shipping, Lower Apparel Pricing, White Label Service, and More Improvements to the Gooten Platform

Alexandra Gibson, Gooten's Chief Growth Officer, 03/09/2018,

When we decide what we’re going to prioritize and what we are not, our mission at Gooten is to always focus on what is going to make our partners more successful. We can’t be successful unless you are successful; it’s that simple.

We are very excited to announce the first batch in 2018 of many industry-leading changes that focus on making you more successful–better margins, better service, better products, less complexity, more efficiency, and happier customers.

Platform Updates

Newly designed Hub

We spoke with hundreds of partners who use Gooten for feedback on how we could improve the tools you use to create, design, and store your products. Creating, saving, and publishing your products is quicker and easier than ever before. If you’re not yet familiar with our new Gooten Hub, take a look at this brief video we made for a tour.

Website revamp

You may notice that our website has a slightly different look and message. This redesign is part of a continuing effort to better describe who Gooten is the right solution for and why. We realize that we are not the right partner for everyone, and we believe that no business should try to be all things to all people or else we could all fall into mediocrity.

Services & Resources

White Label Support

Over the past year, a select group of our partners trialed our white label customer service with great success. Instead of having in-house customer service, you can now take advantage of Gooten’s unparalleled support team to be an extension of your own company’s team.

Our team has a 92%+ customer satisfaction rating and we’re excited to make your customers our happy customers.

Learn more about taking advantage of our white label customer support for your business.

White Label Pricing

Doubling down on educational content

Our success depends entirely on our partners’ business success. We can’t be successful unless you’re successful. In 2018, we have a full editorial calendar designed for you and always offered for free. We plan on interviewing and working with subject matter experts in areas that you care about most and delivering that information to you through webinars, roundtables, ebooks, templates, videos, and blog posts.

Stay up to date by signing up to receive those helpful guides.

Store Migration and Launch Services

Our Partner Success team now offers store migration and launch services. We’ll help you transition a Shopify store over to Gooten or add thousands of new products to your Shopify store. If you’re interested in speaking with an onboarding specialist and scheduling a consult to learn more about the pricing for these services, please say hello and email us here.

Note: these store migration and launch services are currently only available for Shopify partners.

Products & Pricing

Flat shipping for all of our apparel

Why does shipping have to be so complicated? We believe our job is to take some of that complexity off of you so we’ve instituted flat shipping for our apparel (with more of our products to come).

Starting on March 16th, you can expect the following shipping costs on all of our apparel:

  • US Standard (including AK, HI, PR): $3.59 first item; $1.65 per additional item
  • US Expedited (including AK, HI, PR): $8.49; $1.65 per additional item
  • Rest of world standard: $6.99; $4 per additional item

Note: Add $1 for sweatshirts/hoodies

At this point, we are not rolling out Rest of World Expedited flat shipping but that is something we are working towards!


Apparel flat shipping pricing for:

Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico/Guam/Virgin Islands - Standard: $4.59 first item; $1.65 per additional item

Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico/Guam/Virgin Islands - Expedited: $9.49; $1.65 per additional item

New and LOWER pricing on (almost all) apparel

One of the benefits of being part of the Gooten partnership is our collective bargaining power. Our team has worked hard with our vendors to negotiate pricing to make sure your margins are better to grow your business. You can see our new pricing sheet here for all apparel. This pricing will be live on March 16th.

Here is an example of how much we are decreasing costs on our top 7 apparel items for you:

  • Hanes 5250 - down 11%
  • District 6000 - down 5%
  • Gildan 2000 - down 13%
  • Gildan 18000 - down 8%
  • Bella 3480 - down 5%
  • Bella 3001 - down 2%
  • Bella 3413 (Triblend) - down 5%

While we work with multiple US vendors to supply you with your printed apparel, it was confusing when the pricing was different for the same item. We’ve now eliminated that confusion and all apparel from our US vendors is constant. We will be doing this across our other top 20 products as well to continue to make your life easier.

Sample policy

For all new partners, once you spend $100 with Gooten, you will receive a $25 credit that can go towards your samples or any of your orders. This will be done automatically so you will no longer need to contact partner support to get a credit.

We look forward to 2018 being the best year with Gooten to date. If there are any changes or things that would make you more successful in ecommerce, please feel free to let us know.

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