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[Product Update] Introducing the New and Improved Custom Order Form

Joana Kogan, 05/28/2018,

If you’ve been with Gooten since the beginning, you may remember back in the day our tool for one-off orders was called the Simple Order Form. At some point, we decided to rename it to… Manual Order Form.

For whatever reason, we thought that changing the word “Simple” to “Manual” would be a good idea — not sure why no one stopped us (ok, I believe I actually was part of the team who approved the change 🙈).

Well, in lieu of some key updates we’ve made to the platform, we’ve changed the name yet again – this time to “Custom Order Form” (we believe this is the one that sticks).

The Custom Order Form allows our partners to place orders for themselves and for their customers. It’s a quick and easy way to fulfill orders without having to have integrate a store. Over the past couple of months, our engineering, design, product and QA teams have had our heads down working on a simpler way for you to create and place orders, and today I’m excited to announce its official roll out!

Tour de COF

Updates to the Custom Order Form are meant to make the process of adding and ordering products from Gooten faster and more enjoyable. Our new product creation flow will follow that of the recently launched Product Hub, so you will be able to see the product you’re creating as you go. This new flow will also give you access to our image editor and mockup generator.

Gooten's Product Creating Tools

Gooten's Product Creating Tools

As you work through creating a new product, you’ll make your way to our new shopping cart. This will allow you to see the products you’ve added to cart, change the quantity of items, and add more products to your cart if you so choose.

Gooten's Cart

While we’re on the topic, we added a new checkout page too! Now, you can save your frequently used shipping addresses and select the shipping method for your products.

Gooten's Checkout

What has stayed the same

While change is great, making sure we didn’t mess with your work flow was a top priority for us. You will still be able to create new products to add to cart, add products you’ve ordered in the past, and select product that you have saved to your product hub.

A major part of our mission at Gooten is to provide you with increasingly delightful experiences as you use our tools to achieve success. We hope our recent updates are truly helpful for you, and we appreciate any feedback you have.

If you’re interested in giving us feedback, (or suggestions for renaming it) feel free to let me know at

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