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Fall products

Seasonal Products to Add to Your Store for Back to School and Fall Promotions

Frank Jackson, 08/19/2018,

In many parts of the world nature is rapidly exchanging the sunshine and sleepy days of the summer for crisp air and falling leaves.

That’s right, autumn is upon us!

People will soon begin to plan for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinner, and for all the many other upcoming fall holidays.

To kick off the holiday rush, revamping your marketing, and updating your store inventory with seasonal products is a must. Pay attention to current trends and think about what buyers will be looking for as the weather in many markets begins to change, and the temperatures begin to drop.

Trendy Back to School Products

As summer vacation is rapidly coming to a close, the beginning of the school year is right around the corner. Campuses prepare for the barrage of incoming students and kids begin to eagerly (or not so) gather their things for class. The once bland assortment of notebooks and pencil pouches has become a bold plethora of colorful, unique trinkets in a wide variety of patterns, prints, and licensed characters. The rise of online shopping has students constantly on the search for school supplies that fit their niche interests and set them apart from the black and white speckled composition book carrying masses.

If you want to catch the back to school consumer’s eye, you have to offer something that they cannot get anywhere else. Unique, artsy prints can catch a shopper’s eye before the plain, monocolored bags that are sold on Amazon and like sites.


Take a dorm room staple, for example. When moving into a dorm or apartment for the first time, most people want to accessorize the plain white walls and tile floors to make the space a little more homey and soothing. An easy way to do this is with a doormat. Not only will the mat add a pop of color to the room, it also pulls a double duty as a catchall for the dirt, grit, and grime your shoes catch around campus, keeping your floors cleaner for longer. A simple design with the option to monogram or customize the mat would give the consumer a little more control over their decor and give the piece a personal flair that cannot be found in a department store. If you have an eye catching design, printing it on a floormat may be the way to go since practically everyone needs one when they first move out.

Practically everyone needs one when they first move out

Laptop Covers

In this day and age, almost everyone owns a laptop. They are basically a necessity. Entire classes are sometimes hosted online; you pretty much cannot get through high school and college without access to a computer. Due to this, many students opt to bring their laptops to school with them. This creates a bit of a sticky situation, as laptops are quite expensive and relatively easy to damage. If you are going to carry one, you probably need to have a case on hand. Unfortunately, even basic, plain black cases can be incredibly expensive for what they are at traditional retailers. The price to place your own, unique pattern or print on a laptop cover through Gooten is only $6.90, leaving you wiggle room to create a price that customers cannot pass up. It is a win-win, as the customer gets a fantastic, fun product at a lower price while you still make a fair profit!

Drawstring Bags

Speaking of transporting supplies, backpacks are an absolute must have. Carrying textbooks can be cumbersome, especially if you have to make it from one class to another across campus in mere minutes. A backpack saves you time and keeps your things organized and secure as you move from location to location. Students are regularly ditching the plain Jansport bags of yesterday for interesting prints. Drawstring bags are becoming more and more popular due to their portability and easy to store nature. Add a cute design to one and you have a winner!

Start selling Drawstring bags


Fun notebooks are super on trend right now. Check out any writing Instagram or school supply thread and you will see tons of succulent, lemon, and geometric printed notebook covers. They are literally everywhere right now! Much like the traditional art print, putting your design on a notebook creates a lasting way for someone to have a piece of your work. If you have a character design or eye catching layout, it will likely do quite well in the current market, especially if you cater to specific niche buyers. Notebooks cater to people who are not students, as well. Writers often buy up cute stationary to help encourage creativity. Others pick them up for journaling purposes or to make a planner. Notebooks are a way to not only grab back to school sales, but also create a wave of buyers to float to you year round.

Accessory Pouches

One item sure to be a hot-seller for back to school are custom-designed accessory pouches. They make for a great on-the-go cosmetics bag, or a fun way to carry around pencils and pens. With Gooten, you choose between flat or “T” bottom, black or gold pull tabs, and white or black zipper tape to coordinate with your artwork. We also offer them at the low product cost of $6 and it’s an item we recently added to our list of flat shipping products.

Start selling Accessory Pouches

Laundry Bags

These are, of course, only a few ideas to catch the back to school sale wave. Countless other products exist, from household items like laundry bags and bath towels for those moving into dorms. Finding what type of product best showcases your unique design is key in being successful, so be sure to consider shapes and patterns and how they will stretch when applied to a base item. There is something for everyone, you just have to test and find what works!

More Great Fall Products to Sell


Hoodies are always popular in the fall. They are a way to stay warm on days where a heavy coat or bulky sweater may be a bit much. Zip-ups and pullovers fly off the racks in department stores across the globe because basically every person from every walk of life has a use for one. This is especially true as the school year kicks off, as parents will be picking up clothes to keep their kids warm through the first semester. If you want to catch the eye of both the fall and the back to school shoppers, consider carrying youth hoodie options in your designs, as this creates an entirely new customer base.

All Over Print T-Shirts

Thanks to this year’s runway shows, bold all over print clothing are super on trend. Both minimalist and intricate patterns are hot in the clothing industry right now so if you have a unique design, perhaps consider adding it onto an all-over print t-shirt. According to Pantone, rich hues with pops of color will be all the rage when fall fully hits. If you want to draw in some of the trendier teens and fashion influencers, it seems that shades of mustard, deep red, olive, violet, and deep teal along with accents of bright blue, lilac, orange, poppy red, and yellow-green are the way to go. Tartan, plaid, checkerboard, houndstooth, herringbone, stripes, and geometric forms are all incredibly popular on runways right now, as are abstract themed pieces. The 90s “Clueless” and grunge looks are making a huge comeback so venturing into those niche avenues may prove a profitable venture.

Tote Bags and Travel Bags

With the fall comes farmer’s markets, pumpkin patches, and apple orchard gatherings. As eco-conscious behaviors continue to catch on, many people are switching from plastic grocery bags and one time use boxes to reusable cloth tote bags. Place a cute pattern or print on one and you will almost certainly have a winner. Along the same thought process, travel bags will be a big hit this fall. As Thanksgiving approaches, students will be given breaks from school and many people will make the venture home for to celebrate the holiday. Allowing customers to add a personal touch or choose a fun pattern for their travel bags would not only catch their eye for aesthetic purposes, but also prove to be a useful functionality asset as it would allow them to more easily pick their luggage out at the airport baggage claim and in other like situations.

Start selling Tote bags

Woven Blankets

One of the best things about fall is that you can finally escape the summer heat. Occasionally, though, the temperature swings the complete opposite direction of previous months and becomes quite chilly. During the fall, people usually pick up a new throw blanket, especially if they are going away to college or settling into a new home. Thick, woven blankets are a must have item as the weather changes. Perfect for sitting around a bonfire or relaxing on the couch with a cup of cocoa and a movie. Personalization or using on trend colors would make these throws excellent gift ideas and boost your sales fairly easily.

Baby Beanies

Parents with new babies will be looking to keep their little bundle warm as the season sets in. Beanies are the most common choice when moms and dads pick up something to cover their baby’s ears and head. Putting a cute fall theme on a soft, stretchy baby beanie would surely cause parents to take notice, as many mainstream brands keep their headwear rather plain. Foxes, bears, campfires, and cute quotes would all be adorable ideas for some seasonal hats. You could even double down and try utilizing some of the trending color palette picks, too! Protective baby clothing does not have to be boring so start toying with designs and you will certainly find a winner.


Hot cocoa and cider are basically the soul warming backbone of any good fall celebration. Warm and comforting, they heat you from the inside out and taste pretty amazing, too! Mugs will be popular not only for personal use this fall, but also for gift giving. Since they are made of ceramic, the pattern and print possibilities are basically endless! Choose between a white base, black mug, or one with a fun pop of color. Additionally, let your customers take your designs on the go with a bit of magic with a color changing version!

The options for fall sales are basically endless! When the seasons change, customers start looking for new, interesting additions. If you have a festive or trendy print, you can count on catching a few customer’s attention. Play around with designs, products, and materials until you find the formula that works for you! Autumn’s arrival means an entire fresh start for your business so take the opportunity by the reigns and forge your unique space in the fall marketplace!

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