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Folk N Funky's Guide to Success this Holiday Season

Jared Govitz, 10/22/2018,

When it comes to loving what you do it is hard to find a match for Folk N Funky. Their zest is embodied in their designs and in the personal ways they connect with their customers. From funky shower curtains to custom bedding, shoppers will find a unique bit of everything at their store. As veterans of the ecommerce world, we decided to pick their brain on what it takes to succeed during the holiday rush.

The advantage of the Folk N Funky brand has always been and will continue to be our ability to not be limited to one style. Just like our moods and the weather varies day to day, so do the designs. I suppose we would get bored quickly and not enjoy our work if we had to follow one style. We are a little bit folk, a little bit funky, and a lot of in-between.

Learning graphic design has been amazing, there’s no limit to what can be created. Looking back over our designs we can see where we have improved. Some of the first designs created in 2014 often left us wondering why anyone purchased them, but people purchased our designs, so we kept creating, and now our Etsy shop houses over 2,000 active products.

Roughly 30% of our designs we offer personalization on, and in April this year, we launched a site for our own store to assist in spreading our brand beyond Etsy.

What Folk N Funky does for the holidays

When we first began doing household products through Print on Demand the only competition we had came from a select few businesses. Worrying about promotions and advertising wasn’t a major concern even through the holidays.

Our competitive edge remains personalization. All of our designs are created in-house using original and licensed material. We will definitely join Etsy’s sitewide sale and do a bit more advertising for our website. We are looking ahead at offering bundle deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offering big savings when purchasing matching sets.

Last year, we had a huge hit with our Red Truck design. I have added a few more designs featuring the old truck and will offer it on more products. Additionally adding more personalized products through the holiday season brings more sales and offers unique gift ideas not found anywhere else.

Our advice to new shops

Advice to New Shops

My best advice to new store owners is to be unique and creative. Understand that 4 years ago there was very little competition and if you approach beginning any online business with anything less than your full determination and attention, it will not be a success. Often times, especially through the holidays, working 15-16 hour days, 7 days a week is a reality.

Respect other people’s intellectual property. This is another huge issue in our business environment lately, spearheaded by certain ‘overseas, inexpensive drop shipping sites’. They are doing a lot to hurt our business. We only use companies such as Gooten that have worked hard, and have not taken shortcuts. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

If you are only getting involved because you think you can make a quick dollar, think again. If you are a hardworking individual with new, creative material, then you will find success. Know who you are, know your customers, and above all else - be unique.

If you are considering using Gooten as a print partner

Throughout the last 4 years, Gooten has been a tremendous asset to our business providing a wide variety of unique products, timely delivery, and great quality.

Anytime issues arise the support has been great. You can tell Gooten is an organization that enjoys what they do, and they enjoy helping others be successful.

Gooten is the only partner we have ever worked with to offer informational webinars guiding their partners through important changes to products, their site, or manufacturing changes.

After 4 years and 17,000 sales, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to continue to work with Gooten, and you will be too.

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