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7 Products to Maximize Your eCommerce Sales this Holiday Season

Frank Jackson, 11/11/2018,

With Cyber Monday and Christmas right around the corner, you’re no doubt looking for fun holiday cheer to add to your storefront. Not only does this give your customers some seasonal cheer but it encourages them to buy these limited time products, helping you earn more sales this winter!

But how can you sell these profitable products on such short notice?

Well, that’s where we come in to help! We have an extensive catalog of customizable products you can mix and match to fit your audience’s tastes and sense of style. It’s simple; we’ll handle the printing and shipping so you can enjoy the creative side of things and spend more time promoting your products to the world.

Here are 7 products you can add to your shop this holiday season to help maximize your sales!

1. Metal Christmas Ornaments

Do you have a distinct logo, amazing art, holiday swag, or motivational saying? Our Metal Christmas Ornaments might just be the perfect place for you to show these off while getting into the holiday spirit!

These are the perfect product to sell if you focus on lifestyle, home décor, or artwork. Your audience is already passionate about their style; why not help them perfect it?

Make your ornament’s colors pop, throw in some holiday themes, and use them as a cute and fun way to engage your audience on social media and through email. They’d make a great Instagram or Pinterest post, and could even be used as a prize for a holiday themed giveaway! The Christmas season is all about photos, so promote these by showing off your photography skills and catch your customer’s eye.

2. Christmas Tree Skirts

Continuing with the Christmas theme, you may also consider our Christmas Tree Skirts! These are a warm, inviting product that can really get your audience in the winter mood this holiday season, and just like our Christmas ornaments, these are perfect for style and home décor focused audiences.

There are so many ways to make these tree skirts your own. Will yours be elegant and subtle, loud and cheery, goofy and comical, or full of classic Christmas cheer? Whatever tone you’re trying to strike, these could be a great way to do it while showing off your amazing design skills. Maybe even pair them with some of the Christmas ornaments above to get that complete package for your Instagram posts!

Best of all, these are a classic item to promote in a bundle or giveaway for your next email newsletter.

3. Christmas Stockings

Of course, no holiday product line would be complete without Christmas Stockings. Just like the tree skirts, there are a ton of ways to design these to fit your audience’s style and sensibilities.

Will you choose elegant golds and silvers or wintery red, white, and green? Or perhaps you focus on products for children! In that case, these are the perfect product to feature in your next newsletter, complete with adorable reindeer and Christmas trees.

Of course, there are certainly adults among your audience with a bit of childlike joy in them. Don’t forget to make a design to suite them as well. It could be comedic, nostalgic, or perhaps even naughty! A stocking covered in drawings of coal might be just right for the humorous holiday gift-givers on your mailing list.

Christmas stockings are such a classic and icon holiday gift and make a great promotional item for your shop. In your next newsletter, promote some great stocking stuffers alongside it, to help your customers make their holiday shopping easier (and earn you some extra sales!)

4. Holiday Themed Mugs

If anything spreads holiday cheer and gets people in the Christmas shopping mood, it’s holiday themed mugs. Images of hot coco, peppermint candy canes, and warm fires are all it takes for people to reach for their beloved holiday Mug. Why not make one of your designs their next favorite?

This is the perfect product for the foodies and fashionistas among your audience. What about a mug with a Christmas themed recipe printed on the back? Or one bedazzled with beautiful drawings of gold ribbon, holly, and mistletoe? Or maybe you design a humorous mug. Dad jokes are still a mug’s best friend.

Dad jokes anyone

These are such a great way to energize your audience through social media. Start posting delicious mug cakes made in your custom mug, or a warming photo of some hot coco by the hearth.

5. Infant Blankets

Now, there has been one group we have been neglecting so far on this list, but don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about you. For anyone out there running a shop geared towards new moms and dads and their little bundles of Christmas joy, then our custom printed Infant Blankets are the perfect thing to offer this holiday season. Use them to flex all of your cute and creative muscles.

Even better, have some of your most loyal customers post photos of their little ones wrapped up in your design to share with your audience!

Nothing gets people more excited than cute babies and awesome art! These are the perfect holiday product to promote through Instagram and Facebook, especially when everyone is taking the time to see family for the winter season. You may even earn some new customers as grandmas and granddads, aunts and uncles, get excited to see their newest family member in your design!

6. T-shirts

Now perhaps your audience isn’t as excited about the explicitly holiday themed products so many people offer this time of year. You know them best, so perhaps taking a more timeless route would fit better with their tastes!

Enter the humble t-shirt! With our T-shirts you can design anything you want, even fully printed tees! Perhaps your audience comes to you for their geeky fix, or loves your botanical artwork. Maybe you’re more into humorous products.

Whatever your shop’s theme may be, a series of limited time holiday t-shirts would be the perfect way to get your audience excited to collect this one of a time offer! Best of all, these are great prizes for newsletter giveaways and count-downs, and are easy for anyone to enjoy.

With our t-shirts you can design anything you want

7. Winter Fleece Blankets

Finally, we end our list with a classic. If you want to give your audience the best holiday experience, decorate their home beautifully, or help them show off their style through social media, our Winter Fleece Blankets may be the perfect solution.

These are another great option for all the lifestyle and home décor shops out there, but don’t underestimate the benefits of these for novelty and humor shops. Everyone is facing the chill this time of year, so create some beautiful designs for these winter fleece blankets and catch their eye next time they open their email or check their Facebook feed.

Of course, blankets also tie into so many other things happening this time of year. New college students looking to deck out their dorm? Blankets. Family going to visit grandma in another state? Blankets. These are easy to market and promote, regardless of what your audience loves and care about.

Tis the Season

Overall, all of these products could be a great option as you look to expand your holiday offerings this winter season. You’d be crazy not to! With everyone looking to give some holiday cheer, you’ll have lots of willing customers looking for fun Christmassy themed products. Better yet, if you already have an audience that loves your work then they’re sure to want to pick up your winter line of products when you let them know through social media and your newsletter!

And don’t worry; we won’t let your holidays be ruined by the stress of printing and shipping tons of products. We’re here to handle the hard stuff, so you can enjoy your Christmas!

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