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Holiday design

Seasonal Design Tips to Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales

Jeanetta Gonzales, 11/14/2018,

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and it’s an optimal time to create fun, seasonal items for your store that spread holiday cheer. Here are some ideas to help you feel comfort and joy when selecting products to sell and get your thinking (Santa) cap on.

Create seasonal designs on products you’ve sold before

An easy way to approach designing seasonal products is to look at your current catalog and see how you can add some good ol’ red and green to them. What are you currently selling that you think your customer would love in a seasonal design? What is popular in your store that you can offer new designs in? Maybe you sell greeting cards – so why not sell holiday cards?!

Create seasonal designs

There’s a variety of themes to design when it comes this time of the year. There’s always the traditional route such as reindeer, poinsettias and wreaths but also consider winter-themes such as hot chocolate, mittens and snowmen or even religious themes. Don’t forget about New Year’s too! Selling new, seasonal versions of your current products expands your current catalog with new, holiday-exclusive items that your customers will come back year after year for.

Use trends on holiday-themed products with a twist

Tis the season for tree skirts, ornaments and stockings. Now is the time to sell these holiday-specific babies and go big. Stand out from the tired old holiday designs and think outside of the box. How about combining a trend with the holidays? Trends like llamas, cats and dogs, cactus and donuts are hot trends that can reworked into seasonal designs. Create a donut pattern with red and green sprinkles for a tree skirt or create a round ornament that looks like a holiday cookie. Puns, catch phrases and inspirational messages are popular and can also be used on stockings to add a graphic, typographic touch. Find ways to combine your current style with trends and add some seasonal flair.

Seasonal flair

Offer new product launches in seasonal designs

The holidays are a great time to extend your product catalog and launch new items. Are there products you haven’t launched yet that you’d like to debut in your store? Get to fa-la-la-launching and offer up some of your joy to the world!

Also remember seasonal can refer to specific products too like calendars. The holidays are a perfect time to launch your calendar. Put 12 months of your best designs on it or offer up a theme calendar based on a topic or trend. Instead of the usual 12-month paper calendar I created a tea towel calendar. Tea towel calendars are a nod to the past now done in a modern way. Here I used my tropical design on my tea towel that not only speaks to my brand but can be used year-round on display or in the kitchen.

Offer new product launches in seasonal designs

Repurpose products for the holidays

Another way to rejoice over your products this season is to repurpose them with new uses or ideas. Be clever and bright and find ways you can create a new spin on a product. How about using a laundry bag as a Santa sack. Create 12 days of Christmas designs on 12 different, collectible tea towels or magnets, design a play mat for kids out of the indoor/outdoor floor mat or create a growth chart out of a table runner to hang on the wall and write on with fabric markers. There are so many festive and fun ways you reimagine a product.

Use your imagination and be creative when creating your seasonal products this year! Have yourself a merry selling season!

About the Author:

Jeanetta Gonzales is an art director, designer, and licensed artist, who offers career guidance, portfolio development, branding services, and creativity coaching to help artists get unstuck and uncover their true, creative self.

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