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February holiday sales

Get Your Designs and Campaigns Ready for These 5 February Ecommerce Holidays

Frank Jackson, 01/07/2019,

As mentioned in our previous post on New Year Resolutions for ecommerce storeowners, our goal this year is to help you sustain year-round sales, as opposed to putting all your eggs in the Black Friday Cyber Monday basket.

There are five great opportunities in February to keep your sales momentum going, including Super Bowl Sunday, the Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and the Oscar Parties. This is your chance to retarget your 2018 holiday traffic, or begin work testing new audiences and new products.

Earn some additional revenue from the extra shoppers looking to celebrate these days.

Sunday, February 3rd – Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday


The most popular sport in America has its main event the first Sunday in February, so you’ll want to move quick to get orders shipped out in time for all the Super Bowl parties.

Around the time of the Super Bowl, Americans spend an estimated $15 billion – an average of around $100 per person. With more than 45 million people planning to host a Super Bowl party, there is plenty of money to be made. Whether it’s koozies to keep the drinks cool, or coasters to set them on, football fans of the most viewed event of the year will most certainly need some party accessories.

For shop owners who love making patterns, try designing one that reminds you of the big day. Little footballs in a strategic layout could work well. You can apply this print to items like cloth napkins, dish towels or even an apron. Your customer’s guests will be sure to notice these items right away.

You can even make the pets a part of the action with a stylish football-themed bandana.

Products to sell for Super Bowl Sunday

When thinking of ideas for items, try not to make something too over the top. Not everyone wants to spend money on something they can only use once a year. The aforementioned items are versatile because customers can also use them when tailgating or barbecuing during the summer.

You may also want to consider items that are more functional than decorative. Products such as koozies can be a nice touch for the party, but they also can come in handy all summer long.

When promoting your sales on social media, be sure to add relevant hashtags to your postings. If this is your first time selling football-themed merchandise, you have now just added millions of people to your list of potential customers.

Tuesday, February 5th – Chinese New Year

Colors that relate to this festive holiday include the bold and the bright, such as red, orange and gold. It is common to see dragons and lanterns as decorations.

Since eating is big part of the celebration, it only makes sense to incorporate these colors and patterns into designs for placemats and tablecloths.

Some of the common foods to eat that day include Chinese dumplings, springs rolls and sticky rice cakes. The main traditions consist of having reunion dinner with your family, as well as the giving of gifts – red envelopes, clothes, decorations and firecrackers.

Photographs of fireworks can be turned into framed artwork. Abstract shots of fireworks are a unique and exciting opportunity to incorporate the colors into your designs. These will look nice for the Chinese New Year but can also be a great design accent all year round.

Using those same colors in your advertisement with just a little Chinese flare is enough to convey the Chinese New Year. To target the Chinese market online, use the WeChat, Weibo and QQ apps. These are three of the more popular social media sites and apps in China.

Remember to be respectful when celebrating another culture’s holidays – you don’t want to accidentally upset anyone.

Thursday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, so February is the perfect time to design some romance-themed items that lovebirds can show off in the office or around the home.

For the couple that likes to stay in on Valentine’s Day, design one of our warm Vapor Fleece blankets for them to snuggle with. Valentine’s Day is a big money-maker and a holiday you should definitely have on your sales radar.

The obvious colors associated with Valentine’s Day are pink and red, mixed with some type of pattern that includes hearts.

When thinking about a design that you are going to be applying to various products, something simple and clean can be the best and easiest way to go. Just make sure to come up with a design that is unique and romantic.

Products to sell for Valentine’s Day

With this holiday, you can take a different route when it comes to the products you sell and the way you advertise. Creating a special product for the holiday is always a nice touch, but because Valentine’s Day is very focused on gifts, you can sell your regular merchandise and still call it a Valentine’s Day sale.

When advertising, keep it simple in design. If you create a new product design for this holiday, it can be a wonderful element to incorporate into the ad. This is a holiday that can be targeted to almost everyone. Even if someone is single, the “anti-Valentine’s Day” trend is becoming something fun and popular you can incorporate as well.

Monday, February 18th – President’s Day

President’s Day

All you need to know is: red, white and blue.

Well, maybe a little bit more. This day is officially George Washington’s birthday, but some acknowledge it as honoring both Washington and Abraham Lincoln. At times, the day has also been interpreted to include all presidents.

This is another holiday where everyone has a sale based on the day, but the merchandise for sale doesn’t relate in anyway. That can make it easier for you to prepare, though.

Products to sell for President’s Day

However, if you do want to create something to recognize the day, using red, white and blue as the main colors will usually scream patriotic. Incorporating the actual flag might be a little harder to pull off, but if done properly, can look amazing.

You don’t need to know much more to carry the theme through to your advertising. Adding white stars can be a nice touch. Your target audience will more than likely stay the same as it normally is, with the addition of a few more patriots.

Sunday, February 24th – Oscar Parties

You can have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to celebrating the Oscars. Officially known as the Academy Awards, this occasion honors people for their contributions to the film industry. It is a night known for elegance and grace.

Throwing an Oscar party has become more common, increasing the market for feather boas and cheap plastic crowns. But you have the opportunity to guide some of those shoppers in the right direction, elevating someone’s party with some new items picked especially for this event.

One creative idea to get your thoughts going is to create a black table cloth with white stars of various sizes covering it. Use a red table runner with a slight chevron pattern to represent the red carpet.

Because people will be serving delicious and amazing food throughout the night, they will need cloth napkins for the event. See if you can come up with a completely different design for your napkins, but have it compliment your table display.

With marketing, stick to elegant advertisements. You can be daring, but be careful not to end up on someone’s worst dressed (or designed) list.

From Seasonal to Year Round

These are just a few ideas to help lead you down the right path. Don’t be afraid to take these ideas and make them your own. After all, you know your customer base and normal target audience better than anyone else.

If you have any questions on shipping deadlines, product quality, or to let us know ahead of time of any major campaigns you want to run, contact our Partner Success team so we can help ensure its success.

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