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7 Lifestyle Brands Your Shopify Store Can Look to for Personality

Frank Jackson, 05/24/2016,

Personality can go a lonnnnnng way.

In the conclusion of the movie Pulp Fiction, two of the main characters, Jules and Verne engage in a conversation about why Jules doesn’t eat pork, the reason being that a pig was a “filthy animal.”

Pulp Fiction script

This exchange highlights a simple fact of human psychology - we naturally value personality!

In the ecommerce world, sometimes all you need to attract a following is showcasing a prominent personality that appeals to and inspires others. Today more than ever, people are looking to lifestyle brands as trusted resources when it comes to not only purchasing, but also as a way of life:

What Are These “Lifestyle Brands” You Speak Of?

A lifestyle brand is a company that markets its products or services to embody the interests, attitudes, and opinions of a group or a culture. Lifestyle brands seek to inspire, guide, and motivate people, with the goal of their products contributing to the definition of the consumer’s way of life. They often operate off an ideology, hoping to attract a relatively high number of people and ultimately becoming a recognized social phenomenon.

In order for you to establish your Shopify store and grow your audience base, you have to have a distinct personality that separates you from the rest of your competitors. A great method to evaluate the personality of successful brands is by looking at their social media pages. Instagram in particular has become the place to be when it comes to engaging directly with your audience. Here are 7 lifestyle brands of all types and sizes doing it right on Instagram.

Evelyn Henson

Evelyn Henson's Instagram

Bio: Artist who designs gifts for a brightly decorated life Press Play: #evelynhensonvideo Snapchat: evelyn_henson Email:

Number of Followers: 29.1k

Visual Aesthetic: Lots of pink and green filtered throughout her photos which adds continuity and remains memorable in the visitor’s mind. Her designs are uniquely her own style and it becomes obvious scrolling through her images that she is an extremely talented artist. She even shows candid shots of her creating her artwork, which draws you in even more.

Aspirational Messaging: Evelyn Henson does a great job showcasing her products and adding puns and wordplay to her posts. Her copy has a positive tone and she comments often on everyday pieces of life.


atypicalsounds Instagram

Bio: Artist Mgmt & Event Curation. Curators of ATYPICAL SOUNDS, an online music & tech magazine. Designers @ATYPICALTHREADS.

Number of Followers: 2,098

Visual Aesthetic: Perfectly filtered images, with a strong artistic vibe, blending the excitement of live shows with beautiful shots from the New York City area. Nothing on this page is haphazardly posted.

Aspirational Messaging: With motivational memes like “Don’t be a part of the pack, lead it” and “Your network is your net worth” Atypicalsounds excels at displaying a bold personality that you want to follow. Overall, everything feels fresh, young, interesting, lively, this is definitely a brand on the up and up.


iamgalla Instagram

Bio: Life • Style • Travel 24, 5’11, Libra //📍: Joshua Tree 🌵 Email: (New blogpost👇🏼) 👻:iamgalla

Number of Followers: 1.8m

Visual Aesthetic: The word that quickly comes to mind viewing his images is sleek. All his shots are taken outside where he not only highlights his products, but often appears himself. And from the looks of it, he is definitely enjoying life.

Aspirational Messaging: His copy tends to have a very “non-chalantly living the dream” type of tone. Since the visuals are so beautifully shot, and he is at such wonderful locations, he doesn’t have to say much. You already want to be him and buy everything he’s wearing.


lulu-lemon instagram

Bio: Creating components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives. We want to see how you live #thesweatlife. Snapchat: lululemon

Number of Followers: 1.4m

Visual Aesthetic: This high-end yoga clothing company mixes in fun and creativity. They make yoga look almost like an extreme sport, with locations at mountaintops, surfing waves, and high-intensity workout sessions.

Aspirational Messaging: Alot of their posts tend to be copy-heavy, sometimes with multiple paragraphs that don’t never center on self-promotion, but rather how you the visitor can achieve some form of peace or inspiration in your life.


Desigual Instagram

Bio: Don’t forget to tag your Desigual moments with #mydesigual! Shop the looks:

Number of Followers: 506k

Visual Aesthetic: Lush photography where everyone is having a fun and fashionable time, this is a brand pushing HAPPINESS. The colors flow in sync from one image to the next, and they have a range of models of different ages, showing their product appeal to a wide demographic.

Aspirational Messaging: Quick short copy, they make natural use of their hashtags and their emoji game is on-point. Their posts get a ton comments showing they have the art of engagement down.

Soul Pancake

Soul Pancake instagram

Bio: We make stuff that matters. // New video:

Number of Followers: 54.1k

Visual Aesthetic: Soul Pancake defines themselves on their home page as “the world’s most recognized positive media and entertainment company” and this is exactly the vibe you get looking through their images. It screams positivity and they seem very in tune with pop culture. They also have an affinity for puppy posts which, come on, who can resist.

Aspirational Messaging: They have a great understanding of their target audience and are able to mix humor in, accordingly, that generates a great deal of engagement. Their memes are always something positive that encourages visitors to either love themselves more or embrace a new challange.

No Your City

No Your City Instagram

Bio: Getting to “No” your city one frame at a time… Use our hashtag #NoYourCity for a chance to be featured! 📩 ->

Number of Followers: 23k

Visual Aesthetic: Breathtaking photography that captures the essence of city-life. Many of the images show everyday people out and about and doing everyday type of things in the city.

Aspirational Messaging: They do a great job in building community through their copy. They’ve tapped into the feeling of pride that people have for their city and engage with their audience through open-ended questions, so visitors can share suggestions and recommendations with each other.

Is there anything you can take away from these brands and try for yourself? It’s worth the thought because we live in the age where people are basing their buying decisions not just what you offer, but the lifestyle it is you’re pushing to to forefront. Your brand should be your cause, so think about the audience you want to engage and shape a natural personality that will draw them in.

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