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Top 5 Products to Add to Your Online Store for January

Frank Jackson, 01/04/2017,

Winter did in fact come – which means – you should be adding new products to your store accordingly. Here are 5 great items from our catalog we recommend adding today to increase your bottom line.


Gooten hoodies are the best

Hoodies are the t-shirts of the winter months. MIND BLOWN.

Want to try out some designs for Hoodies? Click me please.

Wall Calendars

Wall Calendar season

You’ll need 14 designs that have some thematic connection, a fun challenge.

Make every month an awesome month with your Wall Calendar designs.

Fleece Sherpa Blankets

Fleece is where it's at

Pretty much everybody in our office has ordered their own Sherpa Blanket after feeling how soft these are.

Don’t second guess this one. Add these to your store.

Adjustable Strap Totes

Save the environment with a tote bag

Everyone is using totes at the grocery store as the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags. Is it just a fad? We don’t know. What we do know is right now totes are hawt!

Should you design some cool totes right now? Totes.

Accent Mugs


YEP. Mugs are a best-seller. With the winter cold setting in, everyone’s getting into the coffee - tea - hot chocolate spirit.

Start making that sweet Mugs money.

Browse through the rest of the Gooten product catalog today to see what you may be inspired by. As always, let us know if we can be of any help connecting items to your store.

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