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How to Keep Your Store Product Images Organized

Jack Saville, 04/06/2018,

As your ecommerce product line increases, keeping all your product images organized can be quite difficult, especially if you have multiple different product images for each product.

This blog post will provide tips and tricks to keep your product image library organized.

Tip number 1: Harness the power of AI tools

Using an AI-powered image library, you can get robots to do the image searching for you.

For example, when you upload an image to Bynder (an image library/DAM tool), artificial intelligence will scan the contents of the image and automatically create tags based on what it finds.

Keep your store products organized

Consequently, the name given to the file doesn’t matter. If you search for chocolate, and the product image you need contains chocolate, then the robots will find it for you.

Tip number 2: A filter vs folder file structure

When you go about organizing images, I would bet that you would use folders to do it.

Folders are easy to use, and that is one of the main reasons that they are so popular.

But are they really the best way to organize images?

What if an image could feasibly be categorized into two different folders at the same time, do you have to choose which folder would be more suitable?

Then what if another user looks for the image in the other folder?

Ok fine, so then we make a copy of each image and put the image in every folder it could belong to.

But then what if we need to update the image? We need to locate every copy of the image and update each on.

Also, making so many copies of one image is not the most efficient use of your cloud storage space.

So what’s the alternative to a folder structure?

A filter file structure allows you to categorize an image in multiple ways, without having to make copies of the file.

By adding meta-properties to the file, you can apply multiple filters to your view until you find the image you need. No more back and forth through folders.

Tips for updating product images

Tip number 3: Encouraging adoption and usage of organizational tools

Using tools to keep your product image library organized is great! A long as everyone actually uses the image library.

If the product photographer stores images in one library, and the marketing team look for images in another image library, then it’s just not going to work.

So what can we do to get everyone using the same system?

One strategy is to personalize the image library with your brand colors and logo, to demonstrate to the team that the image library belongs to them.

Additionally, the more your team feels like the image library is theirs, the more care they will take in maintaining the library correctly.

Use clear image file naming coventions

Tip number 4: Using a clear image file naming convention

Image libraries become less useful when users start naming files in ways that are meaningful only to themselves. Image libraries are generally built to be used by teams, and so making sure that files are named in the same way helps all users to get the most out of the library.

So what would a sensible naming convention be?

Say an image is the main product shot of a milk chocolate bar, which was part of the summer range 2017, your file name could be:


But just creating a naming convention isn’t enough. Try giving your team a 20 minute training session on the naming convention and how to properly use it. Or if that doesn’t work, restrict the ability to upload files to a few users who can be trusted to apply the naming convention properly.

I hope these tips will help you to keep your product images organized. If you have any other tips and tricks, please mention them in the comments.

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